17 August 2008

I Couldn't Resist!

I know my DH loves me. Most men would not willingly get up at dawn to do this:

Yesterday, when we were driving down the (major) road, I saw tons and tons of blackberry bushes ripe for the pickings on empty property. Some of it was almost in the road, that's how large these plants were. I turned to my DH and asked him if we could get up early in the morning, and pick some. I hated to see them go to waste!

So, we got up, and picked for about 10 minutes as much as we could. I had hoped to pick more (I'd say we got a good pound or so) but I was surprised at how much traffic there was that early! I honestly thought people would be either getting ready for church, or sleeping in - I guess not! (Now of course when we were getting back into the car, it was dead for a few minutes with no traffic. go figure!)

The blackberries are absolutely delicious! So I shaved a little off our grocery bill this week, and we had (frugal) fun too. (I still want to go back and pick more!)

Note to anyone who wants to do the same thing: please make sure you aren't trespassing on anyone's property (You can even ask property owners if you see some that look like they aren't going to be picked - I have seen many postings the last few weeks on Freecycle and Craigslist of folks allowing others to come pick berries and apples!), and be very careful to wear gloves, keeping an eye out for poison ivy and the likes. Also be VERY CAREFUL for traffic, even if it's in an area that doesn't normally have a lot of it. I suggest making sure you are wearing bright clothing no matter what the time of day it is. Wash your "loot" thoroughly several times - remember, being near a road, it's going to come in contact with more pollutants.

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