22 August 2008

Review: Gloves In A Bottle

Being that my hands are always taking a beating working around the house, I love trying new lotions!

Gloves in a bottle is a shielding lotion that rapidly absorbs into the skin. Unlike artificial lotions, Gloves In A Bottle bonds with the outermost layer of skin cells to turn it into what works like an invisible pair of gloves.

One of the things that always drys my hands out is folding laundry. Regular conventional lotions are basically worthless. But when I tried Gloves in a Bottle, halfway through the folding, it was still like I had just put it on. When I was done, I didn't even need to reapply it (I did anyways just to be sure). You can really feel the difference with Gloves in a Bottle! (My hands definitely thank me!)

I even sent some with DH to try at work. Being in nursing, he is constantly washing his hands over and over again. He says he can definitely feel the difference when he's used Gloves in a Bottle.

You can use Gloves in a Bottle on more than just hands too - your feet will probably thank you for it in the Summer months especially (Think of walking around the pool!)

It's greaseless, non-sticky, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, completely safe and non-toxic. I reapplied it pretty much every time I did dishes, laundry or scrubbed something - they recommend reapplying it about every 4 hours or so.
Gloves in a Bottle has been recommended by dermatologists for dry, cracked skin, and even to prevent dry skin (with winter coming up, my skin is going to need this for sure!)

You can purchase Gloves in a Bottle online, or visit their website to see where it's sold near you! You can also visit their website to request a free sample by sending a SASE.

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