25 August 2008

Shopping Round Up!

I figured I'd put the whole week's worth of shopping (since it's been little trips outside of yesterday's haul) all into one post. Here it goes:

Wal*Mart #1:
*Kotex liners $1 minus $1 MC (All You mag)
*Sams Choice 2 ltr $0.67 (x4)
*M&Ms $0.97 (DH wanted a snack)
Total after coupons: $3.97

Wal*Mart #2:
*Kotex liners $1 minus $1 MC (All You mag)
Total after coupons: $0.08

Orowheat Bakery Outlet:
*bread $0.99 (x3)
Total: $2.97

Fred Meyer #1:
*newspaper $1.50
Total: $1.45 (bag credit)

Fred Meyer #2:
*Biz bleach detergent $2.99 minus $2.50 MC (All You mag)
*Mighty Dog can food $0.79 minus Free coupon (MC)
*Diet Coke 20oz $1.49 minus Free coupon (Coke Rewards)
*Johnsonville brats $3.34
*Pup-Peroni $3 minus $1 MC
*Kraft singles $4.49 minus Free coupon
*The Loved Dog Treats $3.99 minus $2 internet printable (coupons.com)
*Good Life Cat Food $5.65 minus 50% off minus $2 MC
minus $3 rewards certificate
Total before coupons: $25.74 after: $6.82

Fred Meyer #3:
1lb organic greens marked down to $2.39
Total: $2.39

*Snausages Breakfast Bites $2.99 minus $1 internet printable
*Lipton noodles $1 (x2) minus $0.75 on 2 MC

*Brita 6pk filters $25.99 given $5 Target GC
*Snausages Breakfast Bites $2.29 minus $1 internet printable
*Pop Tarts $1.67 (x2) minus Target printable $0.50 Coupon minus $1 on 2 mc
*Cheerios cups $1 (x2) minus $1 printable coupon (x2)
*Carmex lip balm $0.44 (clearance)
*Ziploc 25ct bags $1 (x2) minus $1 off 2
*Target lip ointment $0.57 (clearance)
*Target cough drops $0.48 (x2) (clearance)
*Purina cat treats $1.69 minus Free coupon
*swag hook $0.74 (clearance)
*Fancy Feast Elegant Entrees $0.37 (x6) clearance minus $1 off 6 MC
*Lean Cuisine pizzas $1.48 (x2) minus $1 printable coupon (x2)
*Target cold formula $2.48 (clearance)
*Yoplait yogurt $0.55 (x2) minus $1 off internet printable
*Sensodyne toothpaste $4.99 minus $0.75 MC (this was actually for someone else)
*Begging Strips $2.99 minus $1 MC
*Snausages Breakfast Bites $2.24 minus $1 internet printable
*Mr. Clean bathtub wipes $1.94
*Purina Naturals Cat chow $2.29 minus $1 MC
*Johnsons baby shampoo trial size $0.89 minus $1 internet printable
*Pounce cat treats $0.94 minus $1.50 off 2 MC
Total after coupons: $53.20 (plus the $5 GC brings it down more, plus being refunding for the toothpaste)

I took advantage of the clearance on the cold/flu items to stock up on a few items for the coming winter season. It looks like I bought a lot of pet stuff, but with our petting zoo it won't last very long unfortunately. (I wish!)

It's scary how fast it all adds up, isn't it? :(

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