02 May 2009

Fred Meyer Deals

If you're stopping by just for the ad, you may not know I have a contest running right now for a $25 gift card to Fred Meyer! Come enter! :)

See the entire circular online here or here's the food & home highlights with coupon matches if available:

*Foster Farms Fresh Fryer Breasts $0.99 lb
*Strawberries 4lb $3.88
*Rotisserie Chicken $5.99 (deli)
*Mountain Dairy Gallon Milk $1.99
*FMV Corn Flakes $0.99
*Malt-O-Meal Cereal 2/$6 ($0.50 off printable here)
*FM Instant Oatmeal 3/$5
*Quaker Cereal $2.29
*Kellogg's Cereal $3.79 (several $1 off printable here)
*Mach 3, Venus, Good News, Daisy, Custom Plus Disposable Razors $5.99 (BOGOF coupon)
*Crest Pro Health Enamel Shield Toothpaste $2.99 ($1 off MC)
*Herbal Essences Hair Care $2.99 ($2 off 2 MC)
*Suave Professional Hair Care 2/$3 after in store MC
*Sonicare Essence Power Toothbrush #5300 $49.99
*Butler or Gum Oral Care BOGOF
*Lindt Excellence Bars 4/$5
*Trident Gum BOGOF
*Axe Deodorants, Antiperspirants, Body Sprays, Body Wash or Tool 2/$7 ($1 off shower gel MC)
*L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Sun Care or Glow Skin Care BOGOF
*Fresh Express Salad Kits or Blends
*Vidalia Sweet Onions $0.88 lb
*Asparagus $1.98 lb
*Organic Peeled Mini Carrots 2/$3
*Organic Broccoli or Cauliflower $1.49 lb
*Baker Potatoes $0.39 lb
*Large California Navel Oranges $0.68 lb
*Knudsen Juice 2/$4 ($1 off MC found in some booklets in stores near display)
*Earth's Best Organic Baby Food 10/$7 ($1 off 10 printable here)
*Pacific Foods Select Soy or Low Fat Rice Non Dairy Beverage 32 oz $0.99
*Green Mountain Organic Coffee $6.99 lb
*Genisoy Protein Bars or Shakes Save 30%
*Tom's of Maine Toothpaste or Deodorant 3/$10
*Natural Factors Supplements Save 25%
*Doritos Chips 2/$5 ($0.55 off peelie on some packages)
*Rold Gold Pretzels 2/$5
*FM Potato Chips 3/$5
*Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies 2/$5
*FM 24pk Water 2/$6
*Lipton Tea 12pk $5.99
*Pepsi or Aquafina 12pk 2/$8
*Pepsi 6pk 2/$8
*Imperial Cubes Spread 10/$10
*FM English Muffins 6pk 10/$10
*Campbell's Condensed Soup 10/$10 (several different MCs out there)
*Yoplait Yogurt 20/$10 ($0.40 off 6 MC)
*Kraft Singles Cheese 3/$5
*Duncan Hines Cake Mix or Frosting 4/$5
*Sunburst Laundry Detergent $1.88
*Pedigree Dry Dog Food 15-20 lb $8.99
*Fresh Northwest Shrimp Meat $3.99 lb
*Wild Jumbo Snow Crab $4.99 lb
*Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillet $7.99 lb
*Wild Alaskan Razor Clams $7.99 lb
*Fresh Wild Alaskan Halibut Filler $12.99 lb
*Beef Loin Petite Sirloin Steaks $2.99 lb (family packs)
*Baby Back Pork Ribs $3.99 lb
*Fresh Extra Lean Ground Beef $2.99 lb (flavor seal packs)
*Boneless Pork Loin Top Loin Chops $3.99 lb
*Beef Cross Rib Roast $3.49 lb
*Dial Bar Soap, Body Wash or Refill 3/$10 w/ in ad coupon (limit 3) ($0.35 off MC)
*Yuban or Seattle's Best Coffee $4.99 w/ in ad coupon (limit 2)
*FM Canned Vegetables 2/$1 w/ in ad coupon (limit 10)
*FM Taters or Fries 4/$5 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4)
*DiGiorno Pizza $3.99 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4)
*FM Deli Style Meat 16 oz 2/$5 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4)
*Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage Rope Style 2/$4 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4)
*SlimFast Ready to Drink Shakes or Optima Bars $5.49 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4)
*Cottonelle Bath Tissue or FM Paper Towels $5.89 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4) ($1 off Cottonelle MC)

All Home clearance is 40% the lowest marked price!

Reward coupons should be arriving next week!

Unfamiliar with Fred Meyer's coupon policy? They allow you stack a Fred Meyer store coupon (FM coupons as I call them) with a manufacturer's coupon. They do not price match to any other store's sale prices, and they won't take other store's sale coupons. You can however use a manufacturer's coupons on any sale or clearance items, but they usually won't allow any overage if the coupon is more than the sale price (sometimes it slips through the cracks, but don't expect it every time). Our local Washington stores do not double any coupons. They do accept the printed internet coupons if they have a barcode (like bricks coupons or from Smart Source or coupons.com if you are unfamiliar with them) so if you are having problems with a clerk not wanting to accept your coupon and you are sure it's legit coupon, please ask to have a manager come on over to verify it.

For more sites listing other stores sales ads and coupon match ups, please visit BeCentsAble - home of the original Grocery Gathering!

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