28 July 2009

Change It Up (Or, Decorate Cheaply!)

With the economy being the way it is, a lot of folks are spending more and more time at home. Now, this can be either a good thing, or a bad thing: obviously, if you love your home, and it's decorated just the way you want, you're in heaven! But some of us are less than thrilled with the way our home is decorated, and with short funds, you may feel like there's not much you can do.

If you're in the latter: fear not, as there are some things that can be done on a shoe string!

The cheapest? How about totally free - simply move your furniture around! (well, maybe you might have to feed some helpers if needed) Switching your bedroom furniture to another wall, moving bookshelves to the other side of the living room - either of these ideas can open up space, or at least help you feel like you've had your home decorated.

Also free: Get rid of clutter and items you don't use, and donate them to a local thrift store or charity. This makes it easier to move your furniture around as well as a possible tax deduction!

Cheaper: Visit Home Depot or WalMart, and check out the Oops paint display. Often there are full gallons of custom paint colors that simply didn't match up to what the customer requested. If you're not picky on getting a certain color, you'll score a new color for your walls for cheap (we picked a pretty red for $2 a few weeks ago at Lowe's!) Sometimes even just changing the color of one wall as an accent wall just makes a room open up! Tip: Ask the clerk if they will remove the lid in front of you so you can verify the amount of paint in the bucket as well as that the color kind of matches the drop swatch on the lid.

Cheaper: Visit stores like the Dollar Tree for wall stickers and borders, as well as artwork and pictures frames. If you're not a regular shopper there, you would be surprised at some of the things you can find. (You can also pick up painting supplies while you are there if you are going the painting route above!) It's an easy fix to help re-do a bathroom or laundry cabinets too!

Cheap: This one works if you can sew - visit the fabric remnants section and purchase fun fabric to recover throw pillows. Bring measurements with you so you are sure the remnants are big enough. Many fabric stores have yardage for as little as $1.00 a yard, so your cost can be minimal!

Sort of cheap: Purchase a sofa slip cover to make it feel like you have a brand new sofa! Check clearance sections for the best deal. If you have lamps, consider purchasing a new lamp shade to change that up as well! (Tip: instead of spending a fortune on the lamp shade, consider purchasing a cheap one, then pulling out the glue gun you may have lurking in your craft supplies (glue bullets can be bought at Dollar Tree!) and attach a yardage or two of pretty ribbon trim (bought at the craft store) along the bottom.

Possibly cheap: Browse your home furnishings section of your local Craigslist. Many folks are trying to make money right now, and you may be able to pick up furniture and decorations for much less than the original retail price. Let's face it: we all buy things we never use, so it's easy to score brand new items! You can also check out your local thrift or resale shop.


Lin said...

Good ideas, Storm!! Looks like somebody is tuning in to HGTV!! :)

JosiahsMommy said...

These are great tips. Have you ever thought about writing for Associated Content? This type of post would translate well to an article that would probably do well over there!
If you aren't already over there, here's my link. Check it out.

jbeck said...

Cheap (and reusable) Use fabric wall stickers from www.simplistickhome.com/eve . They are super easy to apply and if you move to a new home of just move the furniture, you can move the stickers too! Check it out!

The Sassy Chef said...

Great ideas! I'm going to check out the paint section at Home Depot, I've been meaning to repaint the living room and that sounds like a cheap fix! Thanks for sharing!

Toni said...

Ooooh, check you with your money saving! Good for you hun x