05 July 2009

Fred Meyer Deals 7/5 - 7/11 2009

I'd take advantage of the FM brand peanut butter being on sale this week. Also, the Country Style Pork Ribs are a great deal! (If you're looking for a quick and easy recipe to do with the ribs, try my slow cooker BBQ rips recipe!)

See the entire circular online here or here's the food & home highlights with coupon matches if available:

Country Style Pork Ribs
$0.98 lb (family pack)

Rotisserie Chicken
$5.99 each (deli)

Personal Watermelon
2 for $4

Tuscan Cantaloupe
2 for $4

Rainier Cherries
$1.98 lb (limit 5 lbs)

Organic Strawberries
2 for $5 (1 lb)

Organic Red Raven Plums
$1.98 lb

Blueberries (1 pint)
2 for $5

Tomatoes on the Vine
$1.48 lb

$0.68 lb

Fresh Express Salad Kits or Blends
2 for $4

Nature's Path Selected Cereal
2 for $5

Clif Builder's Bars
10 for $10

Kettle Chips
2 for $6

Pacific Foods Nut or Grain Beverages
3 for $5

Nature's Gate Selected Products
Save 30%

Country Life Supplements or Protein Powder
Save 30%

Schiff Select Supplements
Save 50%

Dove Bar Soap or Body Wash
$4.49 after in store MC

Dove Hair Care
2 for $4 after in store MC

Dove or Degree Deodorant or Antiperspirant
2 for $5 after in store MC

Mach3 or Venus, Good News or Daisy Disposable Razors

Olay Total Effects or Regenerist Skin Care
$16.99 ($1.00 off MC)

L'Oreal Feria Hair Color
$5.99 after in store MC

Colgate Toothpaste or Toothbrush
2 for $4

Advil 40-50 ct
$4.99 ($1.00 off MC, $1.00 off printable here)

L'Oreal Vive Pro or Studio Line

Always or Tampax
$5.49 ($1.00 off Infinity MC, $1.00 off any 2 Always MC, $0.50 off Tampax MC)

L'Oreal Lip Color
BOGOF ($1.00 off MC)

Pringles Chips
$1.39 ($1.00 off 2 MC)

Ruffles Chips
2 for $5

Kettle Cornucopia
2 for $5

FM Peanuts
3 for $5

Club or Townhouse Crackers

Sun Chips

Naturally Preferred Organic Milk
$2.99 (64 oz)

Chino Valley Organic Brown Eggs
$3.49 Dz

Bulk Raw Almonds or Walnut Halves
$2.99 lb

Food For Life Ezekiel Bread
2 for $5

Kind Bars
10 for $10

Mix 1 Protein Drinks
3 for $5

Lakewood Organic Juice
2 for $7

Kraft BBQ Sauce
$0.89 ($0.50 off MC)

Van Kamp's Pork & Beans
$0.39 (first 3)

Kroger Shredded or Brick Cheese
3 for $5 (8 oz)

General Mills Cereal
$2.99 (lots of MCs)

Coke or Dasani 12pks
2 for $10

FM Bottled Water 24 pk
2 for $6

Iams Dry Dog or Cat Food
$13.99 (Catalina's out there for $4 or $5 - buy one, then use the coupon to get a second one & stock up!)

Charmin Bath Tissue
$6.99 ($0.25 off MC, $1.00 off home mailer MC)

Fresh Whole Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
$5.99 lb

Ahi Tuna, Barramundi, or Brazilian Grouper Fillet
$7.99 lb

Wild Alaskan Colossal Red King Crab Legs
$1.99 lb

Wild Alaskan Troll Caught King Salmon Fillet
$11.99 lb

Fresh Lean Ground Beef (20% fat)
$2.46 lb (flavor seal 3 lb pack)

Fresh Lean Ground Beef (20% fat)
$2.66 lb (flavor seal 1 lb pack)

Fresh Extra Lean Ground Beef (15% fat)
$3.18 lb (flavor seal 3 lb pack)

Fresh Extra Lean Ground Beef (15% fat)
$3.38 lb (flavor seal 1 lb pack)

Fresh Extra Lean Ground Beef (7% fat)
$3.39 lb (flavor seal 3 lb pack)

Fresh Extra Lean Ground Beef (7% fat)
$3.59 lb (flavor seal 1 lb pack)

Fresh Boneless Skinless Fryer Breasts
$2.28 lb (family packs)

Beef Bottom Round Roast
$2.49 lb

Tyson Thick Cut Bacon
2 for $5

Oscar Mayer Deli Meats
2 for $5

Private Selection Meat or Cheese
$5.99 lb (deli)

Centrum, Centrum Silver, or Caltrate Multivitamins
$6.99 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4) ($1.00 off MC)

FM 1/2 Gallon Milk or Orange Juice
10 for $10 w/ in ad coupon (limit 10)

Country Oven or Vita*Bee Bread, or Fred Meyer Peanut Butter
3 for $4 w/ in ad coupon (limit 6)

Tree Top Apple Juice or Juice Blends
3 for $5 w/ in ad coupon (limit 6)

FM Butter
3 for $5 w/ in ad coupon (limit 6)

Hillshire Farm Rope Style Sausage or Links
2 for $5 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4)

Chicken Tenderloins 3 lb Frozen Bag
$6.99 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4)

Red Vines or Licorice Trays
2 for $1 w/ in ad coupon (limit 4)

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent
$10.99 w/ in ad coupon (limit 2) ($1.00 off MC)

All Home clearance is 40% the lowest marked price!

Don't forget to use your reward coupons - you should have already received them! If you have not received them yet, be sure to contact Fred Meyer!

Unfamiliar with Fred Meyer's coupon policy? They allow you stack a Fred Meyer store coupon (FM coupons as I call them) with a manufacturer's coupon. They do not price match to any other store's sale prices, and they won't take other store's sale coupons. You can however use a manufacturer's coupons on any sale or clearance items, but they usually won't allow any overage if the coupon is more than the sale price (sometimes it slips through the cracks, but don't expect it every time). Our local Washington stores do not double any coupons. They do accept the printed internet coupons if they have a barcode (like bricks coupons or from Smart Source or coupons.com if you are unfamiliar with them) so if you are having problems with a clerk not wanting to accept your coupon and you are sure it's legit coupon, please ask to have a manager come on over to verify it.

For more sites listing other stores sales ads and coupon match ups, please visit BeCentsAble - home of the original Grocery Gathering!

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