24 July 2009

Printable Movie Staycation Coupon

Sony Pictures has a PDF coupon out that you can use to save $2.00 off any movie that's part of their Movie Staycation promotion. You can also print a coupon to save $3.00 off the Blu-Ray version of the Movie Staycation movies.

You might want to check with the site for the list of the DVD's before printing it, but it looks like there might be some good ones included in the list, such as Resident Evil and Underworld on Blu-Ray.

BTW, the coupons are good through October 31st, 2009, so there's time to match them up with sales! (Fred Meyer folks, those 10% off DVD coupons should work with this printable coupon for extra savings!)

And you can also order online through Amazon and Deep Discount to get the discount too.

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Mommy Kennedy said...

Great! Thanks for sharing and stopping by through Entrecard!

I just added this to my "Cool Coupons" Mister Linky! Hope you don't mind the linky love!