15 September 2009

Thrift Store Tuesday - The Miracle Thaw Review

Welcome to another week of resale and thrift store shopping!

As I posted in my Thrift Store Tuesday thread last week, I came across a brand new Miracle Thaw board, advertised to thaw your frozen meats in just minutes, no electricity needed. It was marked down to 99 cents with the sale tag, so I decided I'd give it a whirl.

I figured, judging by the time listed for other meats, that worst case scenario would be around one hour to defrost my chub of ground sausage.

Reading the directions, it's kind of a misnomer. It says no electricity needed, but you do need hot water running over the board for 30 seconds, so you're kind of using electricity anyways, si? ;) I should have taken it as a sign.

It ended up being one hour and 40 minutes, with multiple runnings under the hot water and turning it around. Faster yes, than leaving it out on the counter in a pinch (although, it was quite warm when I tried this - and BTW I don't recommend doing that *cough*) but I can't say I'm impressed. That just seems a little too long and is hitting the point where I start to worry about raw meat being exposed too long, and here comes the germs. I want to clearly say I also didn't like that you had to turn the meat over half way, and re-run it under hot water. This means not only are you handling raw meat again, you're also having to place it on another tray until the 30 seconds have passed.

Verdict: You could save yourself the $19.99 ($24.99, depending on the store) and use a quality cookie sheet if you're so desired to try a homemade version of the Miracle Thaw . Same thing. ;) No wonder it's been discontinued and you can only find it at yard sales and thrift stores. For 99 cents it makes an excellent trivet for my casserole dish (though I will confess to using it as a base to pound my chicken the other night)

So my question this week:

Have you ever bought one of the advertised on TV products at a secondhand shop or yard sale?

I don't mind giving them a try if the price is right.

Did you find anything good this week? I scored a nice sheet for the bed for $1.29, and these adorable little stairs for the corgis to use to climb on the bed! They were a little more than I wanted to pay for them at $12.99, but the ones in the store of course cost much more. This one is hand made, and even has hand rails, so I don't have to worry so much if the munchkin tries to get up them. (no picture yet, because DH was too lazy to get it out of the trunk yesterday! lol)


Suzanne said...

You should read this about the "Miracle" Thaw:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your opinion. I was looking for directions!