11 November 2009

Recipe: Sweet N' Sour Turkey And Rice

Here comes the second of my turkey leftover recipes. I usually tend to use normal, every day ingredients, but thanks to a fun find at Grocery Outlet, this one has a little something different. You can normally find canned bamboo chunks in your Asian aisle, but if you want to skip that, just use some California Veggies out of the freezer instead. (for those that have never seen it before, it's the thin strips you'll see in my photos) Leftover white meat is best for this recipe, but you can use dark, too. This is my recipe - but Kikkoman did supply the Sweet 'N Sauce I used for the photos. (As always, feel free to use your brand of choice! I will say this sauce is very thick - perfect for coating meat)

1 pound cooked, chopped turkey
1 cup sweet n sour sauce (I used Kikkoman Sweet 'N Sour Sauce)
1 can pineapple chunks, only halfway drained
1 small can bamboo chunks (or 1 cup California veggie mix, defrosted)
3 cups cooked rice

Cook rice in your rice maker, stove or microwave. While this is cooking, warm turkey in skillet with a bit of oil of choice. I used coconut, but you can easily use olive oil. Add in bamboo or veggie mix, and cook at medium high until warm.

Next, add in pineapple, and sweet and sour sauce, stirring well. By not completely draining the pineapple, it will stretch out the sweet 'n sour sauce so it's not so sticky. If you are using a sauce that's very thin, you may want to skip the extra pineapple juice. Cook on medium low for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently.

Serve over a bed of steaming rice.

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