18 December 2009

Food Storage Friday - Repackaging

With rising prices, bad weather, unstable job environments, one of the best things we as women (or men) in charge of our homes can do, is work on our food storage to ensure our family will continue to eat well no matter what the circumstance is. It doesn't take a lot to organize your pantry and make a little room for extras, and with the help of coupons and sales, can be done very cheaply. Every Friday, I'd like to encourage you to join in with me to do one or two little things to add to or work with your food storage.

This week I'd like to recommend that you consider storing boxed or bagged items in glass jars. I know glass is breakable, but it helps keep your items store longer, and helps keeps bugs and critters out of your food. For instance, I store my barley and different rices in jars:

Now if you use clear jars like some of mine, remember to keep them out of the sunlight as much as possible. You can also use plastic rubbermaid-type containers, but I shy away from them because plastic does break down with time, plus some plastics can put odors into the food. If you are like me and buy the large bags of rice, be sure that you are storing them in FOOD GRADE buckets or bins. Remember, if they aren't food grade, they have plastics that can leach into the foods. One quick trick I've used to give an extra layer of protection on your shelves - I use the XL and XXL Ziploc Storage Bags to keep my bags of sugar, etc in. While it won't help you if you have critter problems, it should help you with any bugs or ants, etc during the summer months.

If you are on the hunt for those food safe buckets, try contacting a local bakery. They might give them to you, or charge a minimal cost. You'll probably have to scrub them well, especially if they once contained icing, but it will help store your food, especially if you are running out of room on your shelves with all the deals you've scored.

This week, I'd like to encourage you to stock up on an extra box/container of something to drink: maybe hot cocoa, bottled apple juice, kool aid packets, etc. I've seen lots of good deals on the hot cocoa - even the Dollar Tree has had some in, so it's an easy and cheap addition to your food storage.


Lin said...

Where do you find all the room to store the food? We have a really small house with no basement--I never buy in bulk because there is no place to store all of it.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I've read that some store in closets and under beds, but I know me - I'd forget about it! LOL

What I did was turn two entertainment shelves into my food shelves. I only keep my big bag of rice and one of flour in the buckets, and those are right off to the side. I don't keep a lot of food in my kitchen cabinets because they are hard to get to, and not a lot of space. (my home is under 700 sq feet) I've found it's really just a matter of organizing it right on the shelves, that opens up a lot of unused space.

Ashley said...

Great idea!
We just redid our kitchen and I got a ton of vintage jars and tins. It's a great to way to keep/store things and you can show a bit of personality :)

John said...

A couple of thoughts. I love your incremental approach to food storage. As for storage, how about getting some 4 gallon square buckets? They'll store more easily than round buckets. Also, a company called Harmony House Foods sells their dried foods in clear plastic jars, so you can see what's in them and how much is left once you start using them. The smallest size they sell is in quarts I believe.