27 April 2010

I Rarely Get Political Here...

Speaking as a first generation American, and someone who doesn't quite fit the average profile box, the new immigration law in Arizona makes me a tad bit nervous.

Oh, don't get me wrong - I'm ALL for a big crackdown on illegal immigration. Totally. What makes me nervous is that now police can randomly stop you in AZ and ask you for your proof of citizenship.

Obviously, it's not like I don't have that proof - in fact, for years I never left home without my passport - it's the racial profiling that bothers me.

Yes, I said it. Racial profiling.

Right after 9/11, my life was absolutely MISERABLE when flying. Once from from NYC to Chicago I was checked and rechecked, and checked and rechecked again. I never was felt up so much, and I didn't even get a drink out of it. Pfffttt!

If you're stopped by doing anything illegal - and we're not talking made up illegal - then yes, you should be forced to show citizenship. Applying for state aid? Show it. Applying for a job? You betcha! Opening a bank account? Yep, or show that visa.

But just because someone thinks you look like you could be illegal, doesn't mean that you are - and who's to say annoying neighbors won't call the police and say you are illegal just to harass you?

Something needs to be done - I'm just not sure this is it.


Lin said...

I don't think they are really gonna do that. It's gonna open up a ton of litigation for folks and even though they say they are going to--they aren't.

But on some level, I'm tired of illegal immigrants taking advantage of our system and protesting and such. I say Go home and protest--see what happens there.

CastoCreations said...

Yeah, I'm torn for a few reasons but as I understand it the law does not say that they can just stop someone randomly (or for buying an ice cream cone as the One has implied). They have to be doing something else illegal or suspicious. But I think it's going to make the police's job harder.

The problem is when cities like Seattle make it the law that you CAN'T ask legal status. That's just ridiculous. And AZ has a huge problem - I feel really bad for the citizens there having to defend their families and properties.

Here we have people coming over the Canadian border, even though we don't hear much about it. A wanna be terrorist was even stopped coming through here in 99.

I also think some people just think that they're being profiled even though everyone is...I get searched all the time and I'm about as white as it gets. :) I do think they should profile actually - based on more than just race...especially at airports and other major transportation hubs. If it's based on skin color, well I guess, but that's actually a pretty superficial profile basis. It should be on travel, country of origin, and other things that they don't tell us. Otherwise the bad guys will just recruit ppl who don't fit whatever profile they think is being targeted.

Anyway...obviously it's a sticky subject and not an easy one. I think that obeying laws is extremely important and those here without permission are breaking laws.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Lin: I don't like them taking advantage either - if they want to come, they have to do it like everyone else. I would say that all medical care should even be denied if they don't show proof, but I'd hate that folks would die. It's a sticky situation there. :(

Megan: What worries me is that they'll be coming up with weird things to pull you aside - I remember in college a bar burnt down and they were grabbing folks out and charging them with the equivilant of drunken walking. (lol) AZ has it bad, I totally agree - WAY worse than South TX.

Becca said...

I'm glad to finally hear an opinion I agree with. While their methods might not be great, illegal immigration is a huge issue and something does need to be done about it. Thank you!