21 April 2010

Save-A-Lot Deals 4/20 - 5/2 2010

I'm not really a huge Save-A-Lot fan, just because I thought some of the prices were high compared to a regular grocery store - I think it's a huge trap you can fall into in these kinds of "bargain" grocery stores where you end up paying more for your groceries in the long run, than if you stalked sales at the regular grocery stores. That being said, they DO accept coupons, and even have a printable coupon section on their website. And I do always grab our bananas there because they are 3 pounds for $1 - you can't beat that. (You just have to only buy what you'll eat in a few days - I notice they ripen very quickly)

This week's sale ad here in Washington has some great prices through May 2nd though:

Wylwood Frozen Corn on the Cob (6 ct) $1 - I recommend buying several of these now and freezing the extra for summer grilling months!

Frisby's Shoe String Potatoes 2 for $1 - Generally, I say buying frozen french fries you end up paying more than if you'd just peel and cut potatoes yourself. These are 20 oz bags though, and for 50 cents, you can't go wrong for a quick snack or dinner. Need a recipe for them? Try my French Dry Casserole. I've bought several bags to keep in the freezer to make it!

Creamsicle, Fudgsicle, or Popsicle Pops $1 - 10-20 ct packages for $1, you can't go wrong for a cheaper treat for the kiddos. Snag a couple of boxes and put them away for warmer months ahead!

Diet Coke, Coke 2 Litres $1 - Love it or hate it, $1 is a decent price for 2 litres here in WA. If you plan to be BBQing or holding get togethers anytime soon, you might want to grab a couple.

Del Pino's Pasta Cans 2 for $1 - These seem to be the Save-A-Lot generic version of ravioli and spaghetti & meatballs in a can. For comfort food in your food storage plan or as emergency easy to heat food, or for the kids to have a quick meal with, this is the best price you're going to find - stock up if you use it!

Malone's Baked Beans 2 for $1 - This is kind of high to me - I buy my baked beans for less, but it's still a good price, and with grilling season around the corner, you may want to buy some. (I've seen other brands the same price elsewhere, though)

Bananas 3 pounds for $1 - This is the usual Save-A-Lot price, and can't be beat around here. If you do smoothies and shakes, sometimes you'll find that they are clearing the browning bananas for 5 pounds for $1! (You can also process them and freeze them for banana baked goods - just peel, cube or puree, and freeze in a freezer safe bag.

Coburn Farms American, Pepper Jack or Swiss Singles Cheese 2 for $3 - If you use this, it's a good non sale price for 16 slices.

Milk (gallon) $1.79 - this has been the price for several months at ours, and it's the cheapest in town.

Avocados 3 for 99 cents - snap these up at that price and make some homemade guacamole if you like it! (It makes a fun topping on burgers, too)

Chicken Leg Quarters 44 cents a pound in a 10 pound pack (frozen) - I bought this once before when it was 59 cents a pound, and it's good chicken, but be warned, that bag is frozen solid like a brick. Unless you have a large family, you'll want to use it all at once. (What we do - DH grills some for a meal, and then I put the rest in a large crockpot and cook it until all the meat falls off the bone. Then I package the cooked meat into meal portions and freeze it to save time on my meals. Save the broth, too! Skim the fat off, and use it to make mashed potatoes, chicken flavored rice, or homemade soups)

Portman's Salad Dressings 99 cents - The good deal here is that if you hit up the printable coupons section on Save-A-Lot's website, you can get a coupon for BOGOF! That's about 50 cents a bottle, so it's a good stock up price. (Watch expiration dates if you don't eat a lot of salad)

By the way, if you haven't already, be sure to sign up for their Smart Shopper Club email list - you'll get a coupon to save $5 off your next purchase of $20 or more!

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