10 August 2010

Random Promo Codes, News, & More

Rather than swamp your feed readers or fill up your inbox, I'm condensing a bunch of great things into one post that arrived in my inbox from different companies over the last few days!

A few weeks ago, I told y'all about the new Henson company webisodes featuring Wilson and Ditch, two comical gophers traveling the US in a van. Right now their current stop is in San Francisco, so check out the new webisode with your kids! You can get caught up on old webisodes too while you're there.

Baby Dipper, which I reviewed awhile back, has dropped their retail price down to $9.95! Our bowl is still going strong! :)

For my fellow black thumbed gardeners - and those of you who are way better than us (lol) - YourGardenShow.com, an interactive online experience where gardeners of all levels can share videos, photos, ideas and inspiration. You can create an account, and then show pictures of your garden to everyone. One of the great things about it is that you can look back the following year, and see where certain plants were at their growing level, and see if improvements you are doing with soil, caretaking, etc, are helping! Plus, there are databases that could help with your gardening questions.

...yeah I'm not too proud of my garden right now. lol Ah well - it's done better this year than last, that's for sure! (I'll have an update post later this week)

Baby Einstein has launched the All About Baby Sweepstakes where moms and dads can enter for an amazing chance to win a $2,000 U.S. savings bond for their little along with special Baby Einstein prizes. The contest runs through August 20th, so hurry on over to enter!

According to Brooke Hyden, the style guru and visual merchandising strategist from Zappos, the four major trends for Fall 2010 are Victorian, Military, Sequins, and Biker. She also says “Go bold with flashes of coral, lagoon, oyster gray and lipstick red to spruce up last year’s pieces.” According to Brooke, “The Victorian trend is a great and easy way to incorporate texture into any wardrobe. Lace accents that frame collars and touches of soft lace on jewelry can really feminize a look. A sequined handbag or leather cuff with sequin embellishment can add a little glam to biker and military ensembles. If you’re a fashion forward girl, try a military style jacket with a fur collar. Fur is another big trend that will be hitting the runway this upcoming fall. Look for pieces with fur on the collar, on coats, and hats – even footwear!”

....seriously, I couldn't see the whole Victorian one coming with the Vampire craze going on. /sarcasm ;) I guess half my wardrobe suddenly ends up trendy! Oh well, it will cycle itself back out - and that means I can find clearance rack goodies, like I did when the broomstick craze came back. ;)

Linens N Things has a 20% off any one item promo code going right now - use promo code Aplus2010 at checkout to receive the discount. It's valid through August 17th.

If you need flea medication, or anything else for your pet, PetCareRX has a deal for $10.00 off plus FREE shipping on any order of $35 or more. Use promo code BORDERS20 at checkout to receive the discount, good through August 31st. I just took advantage of it myself! (Both them and 1-800 Pet Meds seem to be competitive with their pricing amongst each other, so I personally just go back and forth between the two depending on coupon codes out there. 1-800 Pet Meds does often put free treats in their boxes though, so I have to give them props for that - mine all know it, too!)

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