31 August 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday - 53K?!!


Bah... it's raining. I guess at least I don't have to water most of my plants today.

I think kids are never in school around here. They get out earlier, they go back later - and they aren't in school as long throughout the day. No wonder kids are having school issues - when do they have time to learn anything if they aren't even in school?

The grocery ads came in today, and I'm kinda disappointed in the sales. :( I was hoping for some better meat sales, and they are kind of bleh. The few deals that there is seems to be just processed foods - not that I don't use them in our home, but we already have plenty from previous sales. I noticed the milk prices are going up again, today. Booo!

The most dangerous email in my inbox: Half Price Books is having a 20% off sale for Labor Day. Do you know how difficult it is to delete that one? Booooooks. Boooooks. They call to me....

I need to go through our first aid and illness supplies. I think we used up the last of the cold medicine defeating our last battle, and with all the germs DH comes in contact with, it's better to be safe than sorry around. I seriously think it's the lack of sunlight/vitamin D - he never used to get sick in back in Texas, and he only gets stuff when it's back to cold and rainy. When it's hot and sunny - and dry, of course - we're all fine. (you can take the Texans out of Texas, but ya can't take the Texas out of Texans... or something like there. Hey, good tongue twister. lol)

I've been craving Subway - it's been awhile since we've had it.

So for kicks and giggles, we've been pricing vehicles online - we started with brand new just to kind of see... and DH was talking about a Dodge Ram (truck) so that was the first one we did. I'm thinking my face was pretty priceless when the model he started adding stuff to was $53K - and that was without snow packages! I'm still fanning myself in shock just writing that out - the guy can DREAM ON. LOL


Rachel said...

I agree! It looks like to start of a new cycle with no sales. Odd considering it's a holiday...maybe it's like gas and goes up instead of down. Let's hope for better things next year!

Rachel said...

opps week

Doreen said...

Thx. Now I want Subway! LOL!