02 October 2010

A Sid The Science Kid Party!

My daughter is spoiled rotten. Seriously! She was given the opportunity to "host" a little Sid the Science Kid Screener Party last night with a couple of "friends", thanks to being sent some Sid the Science Kid party supplies and a screener disk, featuring some of the new Sid the Science Kid episodes premiering this Monday, October 4th!

Here's a look at the new episodes coming up:

"Slide to the Side" where Sid wonders why he can't slide in his sneakers on their hardwood floor when doing his new dance. This one teaches kids about friction. (I think that's the episode we were watching in the photo above)

"That's The Way The Ball Bounces" where Sid creates a new sport - Playdough Ball! Why does Sid's new ball just got SPLAT instead of bouncing? In this episode, kids learn about the power elasticity, and how it makes balls (and other items!) bounce. This was a super neat episode - try to catch it with your kids if you can when it airs!

"Ignatz's Inertia" Sid pushes his toy panda - named Ignatz (strange name for a kid's toy, right?) on a skateboard across the room - but the skateboard hits a wooden block and of course, stops - but Ignatz goes on a ride of his own through the air until he gets a rough landing of his own. This episode is all about inertia, as the title suggests.

If you are unfamiliar with Sid the Science Kid, each episode starts off with Sid asking a question, usually with his parents help. He has a couple of pals that help him along the way - Gabriela, Gerald, and May, and his teacher, Susie. They find out the answers to their questions in the Super Fab Lab. The age range on Sid is the 2-5 year olds, but I'd personally peg it more as 3-6 years olds. That's not to say 2 years won't enjoy it (my daughter does), but I think some of the learning stuff would be lost.

This is where I admit I copped out and bought store bought cupcakes, and a fruit and veggie tray to serve everybody. Yeah, my bad for heading to overpriced land. I thought I took more pictures of the food set up and stuff, but I guess I'll just blame it on enjoying watching things go on here! I need to host more little get togethers, this one was fun!

We were also sent two fun gifts - a talking Sid the Science Kid microphone, that left as a little door prize (what, do you think I'm that nuts? LOL it was cute - it even moo'd!) and a fun Sid the Science Kid experiment kit - Why Are Wheels Round?, where kids can do six different experiments! (Here's the link to it on Amazon, it's a fun way to learn something with your kids. It's rated ages 3 and up)

(By the way, if you are looking for Sid the Science Kid party supplies of your own, you can snag them at Birthday Express!)

I was sent items to host a Sid the Science Kid screening party. All opinions are my own.

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Anonymous said...

I think ignatz is a science acronym but i can't for the life of me remember what.