03 January 2011

Well, At Least There Was A Heads Up...

We received last minute notice that our water would be off in the neighborhood today, so I was doing laundry at midnight because I was super paranoid that they would mess up something, and we'd be without water for several days. Murphy's Law, you know, and the last thing I wanted to do was look at laundry piling up. I already feel like I run laundry service most days as it is! I quickly filled up all the water containers - well, I wouldn't really call it quickly, since it takes FOREVER to filter the water with that itty bitty Pur pitcher. I'm not sure what they plan on doing, but I hope it helps with the water pipes freezing around here - Saturday they seemed to be slightly frozen again. When I flushed the toilet, I thought the apocalypse was starting. LOL! It sounded really funky - I was ready for a pipe to burst all over the floor even though I knew it wasn't on my end - I left the water dripping in both the kitchen and the bathroom. (never fear, tree huggers, I let it drip into a bucket so I could reuse the water)

There's a burn ban in effect around here... again... and I get tired of certain "types" of people complaining that fireplaces/wood stoves are bad for the environment. And where do they think electricity comes from? Nuclear and coal are that spiffy for the environment too? That's my irritation with the whole electric car craze. Sure, it cuts some of the dependence on gas - but your electricity doesn't magically come out the sky everywhere in the country. A few places may have SOME windpower, but it's not the norm. Truly, the only real environmentally friendly energy option is solar.

But businesses and government don't make money off it, so it will never be commonplace. :( At least the fireplace is using sustainable wood.

Magic is wandering around the house, just talking to himself. Every time he walks into the room, he has this kind of bewildered look on his face. He looks around, looks back at me, and seems to ask, Why are we still here?

Sun. Warm beautiful sun. It's been cold here, albeit dry. The average temperature has been a high in the lower 30's for what seems like weeks. Every time I log on, the temperature back home in Texas is there, mocking me. The other day it was a 50 degree difference. Sob! I hate the cold, and yet in my adult life I've lived in New Hampshire, Ohio, and Toronto. Go figure. ;)

I think first warm sunbeam of the year, I'm going to sit in it with Magic.

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Ketten said...

I always wondered at electric cars, too. It's so hyped up... and people don't seem to realize that electricity is coal or oil based anyway!

Good luck with the water. We had a pipe bust in our garage last year (our fault) and it was a total pain to clean up!