07 February 2011

DVD Review: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Masquerade

My family and I recently received a copy of the new CGI animated Disney DVD Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Masquerade to review.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Masquerade is the latest release from the preschool aimed show. There is a never seen before episode in "Minnie's Masquerade", plus there are four previously aired episodes "Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar", "A Surprise For Minnie", "Secret Spy Daisy" and "The Friendship Team". Although the theme seems to be Minnie Mouse, you'll see plenty of other Disney characters in this one including everyone's favorite, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck. The episodes included are slightly more geared towards girls, but who says boys can't enjoy them too? ;)

(Sorry feedreaders, you'll have to click over to view this clip as I don't have a direct link to it)

This is a Mickey Mote compatible title, and this DVD is available with the Mickey Mote if you don't already own one. (See my review on the Mickey Mote here) You do not need the Mickey Mote in order to play in "Discovery Mode"; you can simply use your DVD player's remote. (However, I would supervise in this case, since you don't want your DVD remote to be abused too much!) There are two levels of Discovery Mode; Level One is very simple - such as pressing a button that corresponds to the color of the dress Minnie is looking for. Level One is great for the 2-3 crowd, while Level 2 brings out the more detailed questions and may be more appropriate for the ages 3-4 and up crowd.

The box set also contains a little mask inside that kids can color and wear while watching the Masquerade episode! This disc uses Disney's Fast Play, a navigation utility that automatically starts the disc as soon as it's put in the player and pretty much remembers your viewing preferences. It also earns points in the Disney Movie Rewards program, so be sure to add in the code to your Rewards account when you open the box!

If you are interested in adding this title to your Disney movie collection, they currently have a coupon out that will save you $5 off the purchase of the boxed set that includes the Mickey Mote! Visit your Disney Movie Rewards account, or click here for more information and to download the coupon.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Masquerade will be available this Tuesday, February 8th, 2011. It's rated TV-Y and geared for the 2-5 set. Full screen, it has a total running time of 120 minutes long. the suggested retail price of the DVD box set including the Mickey Mote is $29.99, while the stand alone DVD has a suggested retail price of $19.99. Right now, Amazon has the stand alone DVD available for just $13.99 on pre-order. (Netflix users: As of this posting, this DVD is listed on the site, but without a release date. Simply at it to your saved list to be notified of a streaming or disc availability date)

I received the DVD mentioned above in order to view and share my thoughts on. All opinions are my own, and not that of Disney. All links included are for your convenience, they are not referral links.

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