26 February 2011

DVD Review: PlayFul Planet Storyland Yoga

I started doing a little bit of yoga several years ago during our TTC journey. Someone suggested to me that it could perhaps help us finally get that BFP (that's big fat positive, as in positive pregnancy test, for those not used to TTC logo), as anyone who has tried to get pregnant for more than a year will attest - there's a point where you'll try just about ANYTHING. I'd never given yoga more than a passing thought before that, but I picked up a DVD at a thrift store, and kind of fell in love. I'm not a diehard or a yoga expert by any means, of course, but I enjoy it when I get a chance - which might be a little more often, thanks to PlayFul Planet.

Playful Planet was created by a Mom after her daughter Lily was born, and they met Ahmed Fahmy, a local kid's yoga instructor who used storytelling in his classes. The idea for the DVD series was born at this moment, when it was realized how hard it is to find kids' instructors for yoga. With the DVD's, no matter where you live, your child can begin yoga!

We received the Storyland Yoga DVD to review. Not only are they learning yoga postures by becoming part of the story and mimicking the animals in the story, but there's an eco-conscious "Save The Planet" underlying theme going on throughout the stories. This DVD actually contained two stories - a shorter "Save The Whale" and a longer story, "Condor Trek". The DVD is meant for ages 3 to 8, but that doesn't mean that younger or older won't benefit from it. My two and a half year old was all game for "exercising with Mami", and while she didn't exactly get all the poses right (it's not like I ever do, either LOL), we enjoyed it together. The shorter running time story was more suited for her, but as she grows, I'm sure her attention span will too. The stories were fun for her, and the more we watch it, the more she is picking up. The moves are simple, and he doesn't burden kids with the actual name all the time, but names kids can remember and identify with. I'm sure it's a lot different than taking an actual kids' yoga class, but it's fun. I look forward to more titles down the road from this company!

Playful Planet donates a portion of the proceeds of this DVD to "Save the Whales" and "Kids VS Global Warming" Foundations - two thumbs up for that! (And the DVD is packaged in 100% recycled materials!) If you are interested in picking up a copy for your kids to enjoy, you can purchase it via Amazon, where it is $14.99 as of this posting. (and eligible for free super saver shipping)

I received a copy of this DVD in order to share my thoughts on it.

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