02 February 2011

Hurry Up, Spring!

When we bought this house, what reeled us in was the yard. It was big, it had nice trees (even an apple tree!), and it was completely fenced in. Granted, at the time we were looking at the yard for the Pudgy Princess since she was our only "child" at the time, but it was love at first sight with it.

As our daughter grows, we've started looking at swing sets for kids, so she can play in the yard a bit more. When CSN asked if I was interested in doing a new review, I had no problem looking at all the fun swing sets! Look at this one!

The only problem with our yard is that 80% of it is on a sloped hill. Great for sledding, not so great for a large swingset! Then there's the difference between wooden vs. plastic vs. metal and all the different horrors that goes along with each one. It almost makes my head spin - seriously, we did just fine as kids? I refuse to put my daughter in a giant bubble! I had a metal one when I was kid, I know we spent many hours playing on it.

Then again, we actually had four seasons, unlike the two Washington state seems to have. LOL I totally love the one up above even if it is more pricey, but I also love this one too:

And if we ever win the lottery (*snort* not going to happen because you actually have to buy a ticket to win, and that's not going to happen lol) this is what I want for her:

Maybe I'll just stick to one of the Little Tykes playhouses for now. At least they are easily broken down so it can be moved with us. Do you have a swing set for your kids? Do you recommend it?

(Course, I know no sooner do we buy something, then we'll turn around and see something nearly brand new at a yard sale for like $25 - you just wait! LOL)

Total disclaimer: like I said above, CSN will be providing me with a gift certificate that I can use towards any item on their website by writing this post. Have any ideas of what you want to see me review? I was thinking maybe a small greenhouse?

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