03 February 2011

Review: Power Paws

As anyone with an older dog knows, hardwood floors can be a struggle for a dog with arthritis - not to mention cold, especially for certain breeds of dogs! Power Paws are no skid socks for dogs that are available in eight different sizes, and a multitude of designs.

The Corgis were sent two fun designs to review, a pair for Halloween that include little witch hats, and a pink pair with little bones on them. Look how cute:

My two are brother and sister from the same litter, but there is a huge difference between them when it comes to health issues. Being left outdoors before we rescued them really took a toll on the Grumpy Princess. Back when she pulled her shoulder over the Summer, we got a look at her spinal x-rays, and I was shocked at exactly how bad her spine was (which is NOT a good thing with Corgis and their long spines!). Her arthritis is worse than the Pudgy Princess' was, and Pudgy was six years older! Because of this, she tends to walk very stiffly at times, and she will slide around on the floor much more easily than Captain's are. We keep the hair between their toes trimmed, but it can still be a slip and slide ride on our hardwood floors! You know us and our pets, we want to do whatever we can to keep them happy, so I was interested in giving Power Paws a work out around here!

At first I was a little worried that maybe we had the wrong size, because they just looked so small to me! But they fit perfectly, stretching to fit over her chunky paws:

As you can probably guess by that picture above, she wasn't exactly thrilled with her Power Paws. She kept trying to flick them off, and after about a half an hour, we decided it was enough torture. She was walking so funny with them on I was afraid she would end up hurting herself. Sigh - but they were so gosh darn cute, and she's the one who loves to dress up! DH was wondering if part of it had to do with Corgi legs being stubby - maybe it was just hitting her funny... kind of like the difference between knee socks and ankle socks on most people. (LOL)

I tried once more the following week, this time only putting the socks on her back paws, but she was still walking funny, so I gave up and just added them to her dress up box for then. (What? Your pets don't have a dress up box? LOL I know, we're a little kooky around here) Then girlfriend ended up bleeding like a stuck pig during one of her nail trims. After we finally got the bleeding to slow done and wrapped properly, we needed something to help keep all the bandages on - the Power Paws saved the day! It kept the gauze wrap on for the two hours we needed to keep it on with no problem at all. She wasn't overly thrilled at first, but she left it alone after awhile. While we didn't get any blood on the sock, I still washed it anyways, it was just fine afterwards - I used my baby sock washing bag and then just hung them to dry.

If you have a dog that tends to lick their paws a lot, either from arthritis or nerves, this might help stop it by thwarting them a little. As with all clothing and decorational collars, be sure to supervise your dog when they are wearing them!

Power Paws are meant to be worn indoors. They come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if they are bombing for your dog, or they were to rip putting them on, you can exchange them or get your money back. A set of four socks retails for $19.99. (there are some designs on clearance for 50% off right now, including the Halloween ones we received!)

You know I am big on helping rescue groups - Power Paws sells to Dog Rescue Groups at discounted prices, and they also donate returned, used (that aren't ruined, of course) Power Paws to local shelters and pet charities - two thumbs up!

I received two sets of Power Paws in order to try them out and share my thoughts on them. No other compensation was given.


Lin said...

Oh, those are cute, but I can't imagine the dogs liking them on their feet.

Years ago, Grace had some surgery and had stitches that she wasn't supposed to lick. They put one of those collars on her and she was MISERABLE! I bought her some baby jammies, which I trimmed and cut a hole for her tail and it helped her to leave the wound alone. She looked so silly though and we had to stifle the laughs because she actually KNEW we were laughing at her. It worked well though and I have threatened to sell them to make a fortune.

Noelle said...

It looks like a perfect fit and what a good idea for older dogs with arthritis! Thanks for sharing!