19 May 2011


THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING! LOL! So when I got online this morning, my inbox was filled with great links and comments about the CDC blog post warning us to be prepared for zombies. LOL! I love y'all!

When I first got wind late last night, I didn't know whether someone had simply hacked into the CDC website, someone was just trying to be funny, or whether - HOLY SMOKES! THEY'RE COMING!

...the last part is funny/relevant probably more to those that are aware that there is a shortage on Mountain House long term storage food, thanks to the rumor of the government basically buying it all up about six months ago. (Mountain House has brought this up on their website - they kind of had to, because a lot of folks were going nuts as to WHY their orders were taking forever to arrive or not even being fulfilled at all.)

Anyways, by the end of the article, I understood where the CDC was going with it - talking about zombies is one way to "connect" with the average person who watches a lot of TV/movies, but doesn't really prepare for any disaster. Yes, I'm talking about your average late teens/twenty somethings.

The amusing part about it all though for anyone familiar with zombie movies, is reading the CDC telling you that they'll be ready for quarantines, and will basically save your rear end if the zombies attack.

Exhibit A: Take The Walking Dead. Remember the CDC building?

Exhibit B: Resident Evil: Apocalypse We see just how well things went with the evacuation of Raccoon City, where they basically left everyone in the city to rot. Granted, it wasn't the CDC, it was the Umbrella Corp... but with the CDC having their hands in the vaccine cookie jar like they do, we'll pretend it just could happen.

Exhibit C: 28 weeks Later Granted, this is more a rage virus than true zombies, but since we are talking the CDC here, take a look at how the troops were told to let others in the city - here we go again with a common theme - rot.

Add in the fact that the CDC doesn't mention any form of weapon, it leaves one to wonder exactly HOW you'd make it to any safe point from your home in case of a zombie outbreak. After all, going door to door to get each person safely out would stretch what could already be skeleton troops to their breaking point, and they are going to need as many of our combat troops as they can. Think about how many homes there are in our country! If the outbreak was national - which could easily happen, when you consider how far many of us travel and how many people we come into contact with on a daily basis - our troops would be stretched thin within a day.

Point blank: unless you have an underground bunker, with a hydro phonic system somehow to grow food down there (well, the pot growers do it, so it shouldn't be too hard), a way to continue getting water and (solar) power until all the zombie rot away - which could take twenty years or two days (you'd think flesh would rot faster, but there is mummification), you're not going to survive a nationwide zombie apocalypse without a weapon - and a good supply of ammo for that weapon.

We have our zombie survival plan ready to go - do you? ;)


BethElderton said...

Did you see that the Apocalypse page crashed? LOL! One thing I read was the CDC usually gets something like 3000 hits a day, but got 30,000 hits after posting on the Zombies!
Too Funny!
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

lfhpueblo said...

Got my 22, got my bullets. However, if I go rabbit shooting around here, might end up with the plague and become a zombie myself. LOL.
Water, well that might be rationed this year because they say our state is going into a drought.
So, I might thirst to death, so another zombie scenario there. LOL.
Ahh well, everyone should be smart and have a few weeks of food and water on hand in case of some sort of emergency, but I don't think that is really going to be zombies.
CDC, hmmm, maybe they're thinking of changing their name to the CZC (Center for Zombie Control).