06 June 2011

Menu Planning Monday - June Is Here

Here starts the struggle of what to plan when I am not even sure we'll be home since we just want to take advantage of nice weather whenever we can! I've spent an hour looking at what we have and trying to decide what might work throughout this Summer for picnics and I fear it's a losing battle - I don't want to rely too much on packaged side dishes and snacks. I'm going to be on the hunt for inspiration - any suggestions?

Monday: veggie & chicken kabobs, pasta salad

Tuesday: Easy Pasta Bake

Wednesday: Creamy Cheese Chicken

Thursday: orange chicken & rice

Friday: Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken sandwiches, Seasoned Steak fries

Saturday: sloppy joes, side dish du jour (lol)

Sunday: recipe of the week

Check out Organizing Junkie for other great Menu Plans!

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