25 July 2011

Menu Planning Monday - Sort Of Back To Normal

Well, I tried to follow my menu plan last week, but the best lid plans never seem to work around here! So I've recycled some of the dishes from last week into this week - since I'd already moved the meats from the deep freezer into the fridge freezer. I also have a couple of new recipes I'd like to try from some of my cookbooks - if they go alright I'll definitely share them with you! (Fingers crossed - lately I feel like the new recipes I've picked out and revamped have been less than stellar)

Monday: Mexican Bake

Tuesday: Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs, Baked Beans, Carolina Style Coleslaw

Wednesday: picnic out

Thursday: meatloaf, roasted veggies, salad

Friday: new recipe to try

Saturday: new recipe to try

Sunday: new recipe to try

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