06 July 2011

Over-react, Much?

Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awry

A senior puts a blowup doll in the bathroom on the last day of school, and potentially loses the rest of his life for it. Really? Prison? Does that seem like an over-reaction to anyone else?! OK, yes, not a smooth move on the kid's part, but who hasn't done a silly prank in school? Maybe the hoodie was a bit much, but c'mon. It was a blow-up doll, not a fake bomb. Being from a small town myself, I'm thinking "small town politics" have come into play here.

What do you think? Was the school right in pressing charges?


catnap said...

Absurd. A felony is way out of proportion to the prank. There didn't seem to be any malice involved, or any sort of threat. Just a dumb prank. When I think of what the kids in my high school did all spring long, not just the last day of school...sheesh. This is child's play. A felony charge would have a profound affect on the rest of his life, starting with getting into college and getting financial aid, as well as a job. And all of that coming after a prison term, assuming he's still motivated to go to college. He might well pick up a different trade in prison and not bother. Meanwhile, society picks up the tab for him being in prison. Does anybody think of the cost of these outlandish charges? Our district has a program to give kids like this a second chance before they get charged with anything, with community work and counseling. So much cheaper and so much more sensible. Probably came about as a reaction to the humiliation of finding out it was a senior prank and not a real threat. Saving face, and an overblown warning to other kids. Like they'll remember over the summer...

h. mcnaron said...

Wow. Ridiculous. What kind of judge made this decision? I swear, kids see more sex and violence on cable tv than anywhere, so a blow up doll is hardly obscene to them. Says more about how out of touch the judge is than anything. I feel so bad for this kid and his family.