02 July 2011

Washington's New Discover Pass

Local folks, if you are planning to enjoy a picnic or camping overnight at any of our State Parks this beautiful holiday weekend, heads up that you now need a Discover Pass in order to park any vehicle on State Park property. If you walk in, you're in the clear - but each vehicle (including RV's) need to have this new pass prominently displayed in the windshield, or it's going to set you back a $99 ticket! (GULP!) Here's the rundown:

The $35 annual pass includes the $30 pass fee, a $3 transaction fee and a $2 dealer fee. You can also buy a one-day Discover Pass for $11.50, and that includes the fees. The passes are available at places like:

* Online at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov

* At nearly 600 recreational vendors where state fishing and hunting licenses are sold. (Local folks: Big 5 Sporting Goods and Walmart both sell them)

* By phone at (866) 320-9933

* At State Parks headquarters and region offices, and at state parks when staff is available. (Don't always count on them being there, though, although with this holiday weekend, I am sure more staff is available)

* Starting this fall, you can buy a Discovery Pass when you renew your vehicle license.

Now like I stated above, it's tied in to the vehicle, so it doesn't matter if you have a carful of folks - you can carpool. The downside is that it's tied in to that exact license plate/vehicle, so you can't switch it back and forth between cars. :( And this is just STATE parks, not county parks. If you're unsure if a park is state, national, or county before you visit, I suggest Googling the park you intend to visit to check. (Remember National Parks carry a fee, too - this is separate from the new Discover Pass)


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that paying for the camp site and putting that stub in the window qualifies as an exemption from the Discovery Pass.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Thanks for sharing that link! That's good to know that they have now cleared that up! I had questioned someone at one of the parks last months, but they had said that we needed the pass regardless. I'm glad there are exemptions!