02 August 2011

Random Thoughts Tuesday - C-c-cold!



I think I almost froze to death last night camping, even with an extra fleece liner. DH says he was hot? Not me! Maybe I should upgrade to a 20-25 sleeping bag.

The car is back to having issues again. It's a long list of repairs that need to be done, and I'm ready to be carless again. Now I know why I never wanted to drive! Cars are just money hogs, plain and simple. :( I really think it's time to throw in the towel on this one and get a truck - at least we can get firewood with a truck.

I'm already missing camping and we've only been home an hour. lol Is it bad that I am more comfortable in a tent than in our house?

I need to bake bread, but I am too lazy tonight. I'll just do it in the morning. Although, maybe that's preferable to tackling Mt. Laundry. lol They are turning our water off during the day this week, so I'm kinda stuck doing laundry in the evening for a few days.

I actually had a bit of good luck at Goodwill yesterday. I found a pretty purple dress that was the sale tag of the week ($1.29!), and a holder to make fried taco shells in the deep fryer (or pan), brand new. Those are hard to find here so it was a steal for $1.99. Now I can make my own corn based taco shells!

I'm impatiently stalking blackberry bushes so I can make tons of blackberry jam this year. My apple tree is starting to fill out nicely, so there should be more than enough to make apple butter. Last year's crop was depressing. :(

Ha, ha, ha. Wouldn't you love to be the arresting officer on this one? Fort Myers man arrested blaming zombies

Surprise, surprise: Few US hospitals support breast-feeding: CDC Of course not, there's no money to be made in breast feeding since hello, it's FREE.

Money is the root of all evil, truly. Sigh!

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Terra H. said...

Great deal on the Goodwill finds. I wish we had a Goodwill where I live. I love sleeping in a tent. We did it many times for a number of years. The only thing I hated was being stuck in storms when tent camping. We now have a camper but I miss the simplicity of a tent sometimes.