18 October 2011

Yum Yum, Eat 'Em Up - Zombie Cupcakes

Remember my sneak peek of one of my family's projects last week? Well, here you go - some of the finished zombie cupcakes we made based on the Zombie Cupcakes book! And I'll tell y'all how to make the body parts at the end. ;) Here's some of the assorted bits and pieces we made using "half & half":

I was trying to be all cutesy and take pretty photos for y'all, but as you can see, I have issues. lol

Here's another shot of one of the hand cupcakes:

To make "dirt", you just crush Oreo's and dip the frosted cupcake in it. And here's a lung cupcake:

Want to make your own zombie and Halloween cupcakes? It's easy peasy, but you need to have patience and creativity. To make the bits and pieces, head on over to your local baking supply store - most stores that sell things for DIY weddings will have the ingredients, or check Walmart. You need store bought white fondant and ready to use gum paste. While you're there, pick out the colorings you want to use - you can use regular food coloring, but the colors might not be what you want. I picked up candy coloring myself. You'll also need some plain vegetable shortening which you might already have in your cabinets.

To make the half and half mixture, mix equal parts of the fondant and gum paste - hence, the half and half. ;) It will take awhile for you to roll them together - you really have to work it well. If it's sticking to your fingers, put a little of the vegetable shortening on your fingers.

Then roll out some balls - make sure you split more than enough for all the colors you want to use! To add the coloring, use a toothpick dipped into the coloring then "drop" it into the half and half and mix well.

To get your finished product hardened, leave it out in the air overnight in a safe place, then store in an airtight Rubbermaid container. Yes, they are edible, but not the greatest tasting if you ask me. ;)


Noelle said...

Albeit I have become adept at making marzipan fruits, animals - i.e. a piggy- and such (particularly for Saint Nicolas')I have never worked fondant. I must admit it looks real enough! Bravo!
Your photos are very good, no worries!

Joyce Lansky said...

Now that cupcake is just gross. ;)