15 December 2011

Review: Orgreenic 10" Fry Pan

Know someone who is probably going to make losing weight or eating healthier their upcoming New Years Resolution? I have a gift idea for you!

Orgreenic Kitchenware has a ceramic green non-stick fry pan that allows folks to cook without oil, butter, or grease - helping to make a meal a little more healthier. The pan has an aluminum alloy core, with a stay-cool handle. Orgreenic is PTFE & PFOA free - both of which are harmful chemicals that can be found in other non-stick cookware.

I received the 10" fry pan to review:

I had never used ceramic cookware before, although I do have a ceramic knife that I use in the kitchen and adore, so I was a little familiar with it already. The 10" pan is the right size to make an omelet, a nice cut of fish or meat, make a grilled cheese, and to saute up some fresh veggies as a side dish. Bigger families would probably desire a bigger size, but a family of 2-3 will get plenty of use out of this size.

Unlike most non-stick cookware though, the Orgreenic needs a little bit more care. First of all, before you can use it, you need to season the pan the first time. If you've ever used cast iron cookware or stone bakeware, you might already be a little familiar with the process. You need a spread a coating of vegetable oil all over the inside "green" coating of the pan, and then keep it on the burner over medium-high heat until it starts smoke. (Or, in my case - about 40 minutes later of stalking it, I realized there was no smoke!) Let it cool completely, and wipe away the excess oil with a cloth or paper towel. You'll want to do this about every six months or so, maybe a little sooner if you are using your Orgreenic pan on a daily basis.

You also need to handwash your Orgreenic cookware using a mild dish soap. You can't just toss it into your dishwasher, because you will ruin it. For me, this is no big deal since 95% of items get washed by hand around here anyways.

Now I don't know how others cook, but I own both cast iron and non-stick cookware. Personally, I prefer the cast iron - but I keep the non-stick around to use from time to time. I use a little more oil when using the cast iron vs non-stick, but after viewing the video hosted on the Orgreenic site, I cringed a little at the amount of oil shown. I know it's dramatized, but I couldn't help but be like a vampire seeing sunlight when I saw that much oil being used! I love using healthy oils like olive oil and coconut oil in my recipes more for flavoring. I also don't use fattening cuts of meat - we eat mostly chicken with a little bit of beef or pork - so for me - I'm not worried about cutting that out. If you're trying to loose weight, you will want to be skipping all of the oils and simply make that meat without any olive oil and then your veggies. The Orgreenic pan will help with that! (The finished meal will be a lot better for you than those frozen weight loss meals)

I've been using my Orgreenic pan for just over 2 weeks now, and of course, there's no scratching, etc on the surface. (If that changes, I'll update my review!) My family loves scrambled eggs, but I always hate scrubbing the leftovers off the pan - this definitely cut it down to miniscule egg "crumbs" left. I used it to make sausage links, and even a piece of fish, and had no problems with it sticking.

Bottomline: I think the Orgreenic is perfect for beginning cooks, college students, and single folks who want a healthy meal but don't want to jump through hoops to get it. It's safer than traditional non-stick cookware because it doesn't use all of the chemicals the other does. It is made in China though, so if you are avoiding anything not made here in the USA, keep that in mind.

The Orgreenic 10" Fry Pan retails for $19.99, and you can purchase it online via the Get Orgreenic website. You can follow Orgreenic over on Facebook, or follow Orgreenic Cookware over on Twitter. You can also read more Orgreenic Reviews via their WordPress site.

This post is part of my Holiday Gift Guide 2011. To see more great gift ideas, just click it.

I received the pan shown above in order to try it out in my own kitchen and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own.


Anonymous said...

Why (all of a sudden) does the entire population of the United States use LOOSE in place of lose? It's LOSE weight, not LOOSE weight.

"If you're trying to loose weight, you will want to be skipping"

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Anon: I know I'm not perfect. I admit I make typos and grammar mistakes sometimes - it's all part of being human! :)

I could write worse, I guess. "If your trying to loose wait, u will want to be skiping" ;)

Anonymous said...

Well finally can I use oil to cook with the magic pan, yes or no...?
I bought one but I'm afraid to ruin it by using oils .....

Team Timberwolf said...

Anonymous above needs to lighten up! Come on, we know what you meant. Big deal. You could write like I do when I text:
if yr tryng to looz wht u wl want 2 be skpng.......
thanks for info, this was a gift so I'm trying to get info on how to use it.
Have a nice day :)

BurnBabyBurn said...

so i just got my Orgreenic 10" pan at 'Walgreenz'. Excited when i got home, pulled it out of the bag, washed the pan, and threw it on on a hot stove with a single Egg.

First impression was "What was that Gawd Awful Toxic smell. I couldn't breathe and the smell was all over The house.

After spraying the house with Lysol and fabreeze. I boiled water in the pan for 15 minutes.

Even when attempting to purposely burn my first egg thoroughly, the egg ploped out of the pan pretty nicely into the garbage disposal.

I quickly learn that it was recommended to season the pan first via web forums. After doing so and with a bunch of Egg tries Later, I would say the pan is not half bad. No-Sticky pan!!! All the burn tests did leave some stains in the pan. But, I think it will eventually go away after washing it with soap.

I am not a cook, but Mmmmmm yummy eggs and Vienna sausages.

thinjim said...

How do you cook frozen meat on it? I've tried putting some water in it first but the water dried up and browned the meat. I didn't bother to heat up the water first though. Has anybody had any experiences with frozen meat. Yes, I seasoned the pan.

Anonymous said...

I seasoned the pan like they said. Used it three times it was great. On the fourth time I fried an egg and it stuck to the pan and started to burn.

Anonymous said...

Seasoned the pan but after a half dozen uses it started sticking. Also, be very careful of the so-called stay cool handle. It doesn't! When you have a metal handle with no insulator on a metal pan it gets very hot very quickly. Compared to a standard teflon pan, I'd say this has a long way to go in terms of non-stick and overall functionality.

Anonymous said...

I just got mine and haven't yet seasoned it--I was wondering if it's ok to season it with olive oil?

Anonymous said...

Vegetable oil or peanut oil. Olive oil has too low of a smoke point.

Anonymous said...

I had ordered this online, got it did what they said heat it with a little oil till it smoked and then took it off the heat to cool. The next day I made scramble eggs and it stuck to the pan really bad. I'm not pleased with the pan at all. Again I tried to season it and let it cool and wiped out the oil with a paper towel and then tried making the scrambled eggs again, and again it stuck to the pan. I wouldn't buy another one of the pans.

Phyllis Hughes / Wormmy said...

My sister-in-law received this pan just last week. She used it the first time before seasoning it (she didn't even LOOK at the instructions) ... I was reading the instructions while she was cooking and I informed her that she should have seasoned it first. She cleaned it and I helped her season it. The NEXT time she cooked in it, she made eggs and they STUCK!! Even the spatula is leaving "black marks" because it seems to be melting it to the pan (it's a spatula made for Teflon) ... so, my question is: is there something else to do to make it Non-stick or is it just going to stick no matter what?? It has a lifetime warranty, so I think she will return it if there's nothing you can do to make it stop sticking ... that is just ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I've had mine for over a year and just invested in the larger 12".

I have had stuff burn to the pan, but it wipes out easily. I don't see that as problem. It's wipe, soap, rinse which is great.

About the Spatula melting, the pan is ceramic! Ceramic stays hot and has an even heat. It's similar to the stuff they use in lab ceramic wear.
You should never be leaving a plastic spat in a pan anyway, get a spoon rest or a plate. It's also possible you're heat is too high. To give perspective, the pan can be put in the oven and go up to 500F. It will and can get very hot, if you read the site it says you can put the pan in the oven.

I do admit the 10" handle is a bit on the short side, and will heat up. The 12" model is better about this though.

The 12" pan keeps it's heat longer once the heat is shut off on a gas stove than the 10". The 10" is more prone to temp fluctuation on gas, but works better on electric as electric takes longer to heat up/cool down. You won't notice the temp changes as much due to the nature of the appliance.

Stephenie Schultz said...

I have one. Seasoned it, and used it all the time. After about a month things started sticking and burning. Now every time I use it everything sticks. No matter what I do. =/ I'm very disappointed

Anonymous said...

This pan is a rip-off. Everything sticks and it does not perform at all as it does in the tv commercial. Don't buy it!

Leah Aetheria said...

I loathe this pan. I'd chuck it in the dumpster if I wasn't so OCD about throwing away something that I paid good money for. After about a month (and YES I did "re-season" it often), things started to stick. Worse, when I used it to cook sausage, the spatters solidified to the sides, and are now there seemingly for all eternity. I've tried everything short of a jackhammer to get it off. JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the cookwate set. It replaced my Revereware set. I live it. Yes. There is a learning curve. I'm used to using metal utensils and being pretty rough with the old set.
But after a month if daily use, I'm still in love.