14 January 2012

It's National Dress Up Your Pets Day 2012

...and I am always more than happy to oblige. The Grumpy Princess is modeling one of her favorite dresses, her LOVE dress in pink. Yes, it's a sundress, and yes, I know it's January, but she picked it out. I think she's missing suntanning out in the yard.

Magick wanted to join in and borrowed Captain's evil wizard costume, but when he heard he had to actually pose for the photos, he got up in a huff.

...this is where I don't want to admit the amount of pet dress up clothes we have. lol


Rose said...

Your black kitty with the cape is too cute! You can just pretend that your kids use them as doll clothes most of the time, right?

Noelle said...

Corgi photo!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs to all,

Sparkle said...

I am SO glad my human forgot about this day!