22 January 2012

A Little Vintage Cheese Chatter

I don't go out thrifting as often these days - the prices scare me - but I was lucky to hit upon a $1 a bag of book sale at a smaller thrift store last week. I'm not going to say it was a goldmine of books as I mostly ended up with some mass market paperback books to take camping this Summer, but I did score this fun vintage Hickory Farms cookbook from 1970.

It's called Cheese Chatter: A Fine Cookbook by Hal Rothschild. The back still has the price tag of $1.49 from back then, which was rather expensive for a paperback cookbook! I love getting Hickory Farms every year for the holidays, so it's a little bit of nostalgia with some fun old recipes to have on my shelf. What I really loved about this one is that each recipe is filled with little stories and anecdotes. There's the background on how the recipe came about, or a memory about the author's family. The recipes aren't cold and sterile like many cookbooks these days, but rather the author sitting down at the table and sharing things with the reader - and you know how I love that. Everything is so impersonal these days. :( At any rate, I'm super pleased to have this one in my collection - especially with the emphasis on CHEEEESE. ;)

I think I was born in the wrong time.....


Elly said...

That looks amazing! I am envious of just the cover art, nevermind the contents.

Noelle said...

I like your description of a good recipe book! I have a few I would never part with either and I came across most of these in used book shoppes also.