24 January 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Recycled Tires



Meatloaf last night was a DISASTER. It was so crumbly, it was more like hash. Geez. I even messed up the mashed potatoes! (and spilled flour all over the floor... I swear, the kitchen troll was out in full force yesterday.)

Last night we were looking at property back home and using Google Earth because neither of us could figure out where some of these places were for the life of us. So for kicks and giggles, I went to go look at the house I grew up in in. Weirdly, it's just aerial, but when you cross down to where DH lived, the whole town is street view. There really is no method to the madness, is there?

I did notice the house I want to buy if we even won the lottery have dropped the price another half a million AND added more photos and information. The drool is only getting worse. I'm almost tempted to start playing the lottery. (yeah, right lol) Someone's getting a deal though when they buy the place. (I feel bad for the seller, it's been on the market almost 3 years now)

I'm ready to do some serious Spring cleaning. I want my windows open, it just seems so stale in here. Sadly, even though it's been raining, there's still plenty of snow on the ground... so it's probably not going to happen any time soon.

We took the car in to have the power steering flushed (it was routine maintenance) and while we were waiting, someone called about having 80 tires to get rid of. 80! *swoons* That would practically build an entire outdoor wall for an earth ship house! (For those going what the... check this link out Isn't her home beautiful?)

*kicks the wall* Man, I want to get to this show on the road. I am itchin' to start digging into my own dirt. I want chickens and goats. More fruit trees. Most importantly, I want SUN. Geez. Sweet irony. I avoided the sun like the plague back home because it would make me blister, and here, all I want is that sun again - I don't care if I blister and burn. (I will about a half an hour later, I'm quite sure - oh, but it will be worth it! lol)

Wah! I just opened the last jar of my peanut butter stash. The last time I stocked up, it was $1 a jar. Somehow, I don't think I am going to get that lucky this time.

The dryer is calling...


Kristine said...

My dryer is calling too. Apparently we are playing hide anddn seek and it's "it". It can come find me dammit. ROFL!!

Run DMT said...

I have that spring cleaning urge too. I also wish I could decorate and the money to do so.

Rose said...

Sorry to hear about the meatloaf. :( I'm the same way with spring cleaning. It would feel so good to have the windows open for a while. It isn't going to happen soon here either.

Cathy Kennedy said...

We don't have the snow to contend with, but I'm definitely looking forward to spring's return. Not necessarily summer - too hot! However, spring is always such refreshing welcome after the cold, gray winter months.

Wow, how old is your peanut butter? $1, really? You're absolutley right, you're not going to be so lucky to buy it THAT cheap with the peanut crop being damaged resulting in higher prices now.

Oh well, it was great to read your random...a day late. Yeah, I was busy yesterday and couldn't do much hopping on the net.