26 January 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Party Stock Up Time

This week for my Thrifty Thursday post, I'm here to remind you that many of the prices you'll see on tailgating and party foods will probably be the best you'll see until Memorial Day. Foods like burger condiments, chips, soda, grilling meats can be purchased ahead - check the dates to be sure they don't expire too soon. If you use a bottle of ketchup every other month, you can easily purchase 2 or 3 now, saving yourself as much as a dollar a bottle.

If you drink alcohol, be on the lookout for rebates that will give you money back for purchasing items such as meats with the beer. (Be sure to save your receipt and remember to mail that rebate in!)

If you're looking to cut costs on your Big Game party, try hosting a potluck! Assign each person attending a category - have one person bring a drink, another a dip, someone else a condiment - and you'll cut down on costs while still being able to throw a fun party.

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