23 March 2012

Free Copies At Office Depot

Just in time for those who are waiting until the last minute to finish their taxes, Office Depot is providing their customers with 25 free black and white single side copies, and up to five pounds of shredding at all retail locations nationwide from now until April 16th, 2012.

It's a great time to do some spring cleaning on your documents! Items such as tax paperwork you should keep for seven years, while bank statements and bills you only need to keep for one year. Think of the old things as not only clutter, but a fire hazard! Having your documents up to date will help you for any emergency, quickly. Take advantage of these free copies to make extra copies of important documents that you can store a copy of in deposit boxes, or with family out of state.

I'm kind of sad our local Office Depot closed, because with all this medical paperwork I've been working on, those free copies would have come in handy!

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Isolated Existence. said...

We don't have an Office Depot close by either, too bad. Just last month I spent 2 days shredding papers and I still have a big drawer full of papers to the top!