09 March 2012

Friday's Featured Etsy: Bohème Candles

Welcome to my Friday's Featured post, in which I showcase Etsy stores and small businesses from folks like you and me. Recession, smession! ;)

Our stop on our this week's journey through Etsy land is a store called Bohème Candles.

Bohème Candles specializes in hand-crafted all natural soy candles with a style all their own that will add an elegant flair to any room’s décor. She uses wooden wicks to ensure safe, clean burning candles. They are eco-friendly, the soy is renewable, and of course, non-toxic.

Check out this Paris Flea Market, Hand Poured Soy Candle / Brown Sugar & Fig, 11 oz:

This Paris Stamp, Hand Poured Soy Candle / Oakmoss & Amber scent, 11 oz reminds me of when letters were still something precious:

If you'd rather sit at a cafe in Italy, then perhaps this Rome, Hand Poured Soy Candle / Harvest Scent, 11 oz is up your alley:

Stop by Bohème Candles today and have a look around! Support handmade!


Lauren said...

Wow those are great! I will stop by this shop for sure. I tweeted your post too.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Beautiful candles! You do have a knack for finding lovely items such as these!
Thanks for sharing,