27 March 2012

Random Thoughts Tuesday - Unfrozen



Oooohhh... The Cult is going on tour with The Mission AND Killing Joke. Too bad it's only in the UK so far. Boo hoo!

You know what I just realized? This has been the first winter since we've lived here that our pipes haven't frozen at least once. I suppose it has nothing to do with the fact that this year I was ready with plenty of stored water. lol

Last night, I tried to make DH watch the African Queen with me, because he said he had never seen it before. ten minutes in, he was snoring. Men!

I've been trying to hit that Swagbucks March Madness goal every day since it started. I'm going insane with it - even more insane than I was to begin with! On the bright side, it's getting me closer to that big Berkey filter I want.

My allergies are crazy right now.

Confession: I love cold refried beans right out of the can.

I'm going to try to make my own granola bars this week. I'm hoping it will cut down on some of our trash. (wrappers)

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Stacy Uncorked said...

Murphy's Law - if you hadn't had plenty of stored water, your pipes would have frozen. ;)

Your hubby sounds like mine - when I finally talk him into watching any movie, he'll be snoring at least halfway through. ;)

Sorry about your allergies - they don't seem fun at all.

I like cold refried beans right out of the can, too!

You'll have to let us know how your homemade granola bar turns out - and post a recipe. ;)

Thanks for rocking the random rebellion with me! :)

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