14 March 2012

Review: CottonAge.Com

When you live in an extremely damp state like Washington, mold and mildew is par for the course. When I purchase anything, especially if it's for the bathroom, it had better be machine washable, otherwise it's going to end up in the trash quickly. Those rubber backed bath mats can be pretty to look at in the beginning, but not after a few months in our damp bathroom! I can't let our towels just dry and reuse them a second time - they have to be washed after every use. So as you can imagine, I look for good quality items that can be washed over and over again, and still look nice.

CottonAge.com carries everything cotton - from towels and bath mats, to robes and t-shirts, to even backpacks and bags. They have wholesale prices on high quality items, with no minimum purchase requirement, and free shipping on all orders over $100. Items can be personalized with custom embroidery too, so if you are looking for a gift idea for a gift or a company promotion, take a peek!

They sent me the Cotton Bath Mat in Ecru to review. Retailing for just $6.99, I really didn't have any high hopes that this bath mat would be anything special. (Hey, I'm honest!) It just seemed like too good of a price. When the package arrived, boy was I wrong! I was shocked at how thick the cotton was, and how soft it felt to the touch. The material is 100% Natural Cotton according to the tag. What's more, it washed nicely, and didn't look like a mess when it came out of the dryer! Here it is on the floor:

(Ignore our bathtub, please. It needs redone, stat!) You can see it has a horse design on the mat. It's 19.5" X 32", so it's a generous size for stepping out of the shower or tub. It soaks up the water appropriately, so the floor underneath the mat isn't a soaking wet mess, either. And it feels wonderful on your feet! If I hadn't seen the price with my own two eyes, I would have guessed that this bath mat retailed for around $30 - not $6.99!

If Ecru isn't a color that matches your bathroom, the Cotton Bath Mat is also available in White, Red, Green, and Blue.

You can find CottonAge.com over on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. You can even find them over on Pintrest!.

I received the product shown above in order to try it out in my own home and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own.

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Noelle the dreamer said...

Beautiful design and unbelievable price!!
Thank you for sharing!