18 March 2012

Review & Giveaway: SpermCheck Fertility

When you're trying to conceive a baby, the first month or two is fun. ;) Once you cross the six month mark... or the year mark... it's not quite so much fun. I peed on more sticks than I would have cared to, downed more supplements and pills than I would if I was 90, got up an extremely early hour to temp... I think I tried everything. Literally, everything. (Even being half upside down once, just in case it might help! LOL!) I kept wondering what on earth was wrong with me that we couldn't get pregnant. Why was every one else getting their BFP (big fat positive) but me?

If you're starting to TTC (try to conceive), even if you've previously had a successful pregnancy (congratulations, by the way!), the best piece of advice I can give you is not to wait before seeking help, even if you're in your early 20's. Go in for that wellness visit and discuss your plans with your doctor, and make sure everything is looking alright "down there". The second piece of advice is to have your husband/significant other get his swimmers checked. Guys will say this is more embarrassing than anything they will ever do - and I get that - but we're the ones running in circles to get pregnant. (See above!) Now the embarrassing part can be cut down quite a bit, thanks to a new home test called SpermCheck Fertility. It allows guys to test their swimmers in the comfort of their own home, which should help cut down on any whining and complaints from them. ;)

The SpermCheck Fertility test has everything you need to find out if a man has a normal or low sperm count, and it's much the same as the one they would take at a doctor's office. Make sure the directions are followed exactly though, so you get an accurate result. If you receive a good result, you know that the swimmers are present. (it doesn't mean that they are great swimmers though, so if a few months go by without the positive pregnancy test, he'll still have to have a doctor run their test) If your result shows low - a single line, much like a pregnancy test - you may want to take a second test, just to be on the sure side that the test was done properly. If the second test comes out low again, make an appointment right away. Regardless of the results, it can help save you precious time on your TTC journey.

The SpermCheck Fertility test is easy to use, and you can make a fun night of it - especially if you don't already have kids! ;) (Now would be an excellent time to break out any nurse costumes, ladies! *Wink*) The hardest part is waiting the ten minutes for the results! You can purchase it at drugstores, as well as ordering online from sites like Amazon or drugstore.com to cut down on any embarrassment you or your man might have. It retails for $39.99. If you don't mind, you can also "like" SpermCheck over on Facebook for news and information.

Win it! Alright folks, I know this might be one of the more off the wall items I have ever given away on here, but I know how much money goes into trying to get pregnant (you pee on a lot of sticks! LOL) not to mention how stressful it is. I'm making this easy to enter - just leave me a comment about how your week has gone. If you'd like to share how long you've been TTC'ing, or anything about your journey, feel free to!

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That's four (4) possible entries! Giveaway ends March 31st at 11:59 PM PST, and please leave your email address in your entry or have it available in your profile. US only, sorry :( Good luck everyone!! :)

I received a sample of the product mentioned in order to try it out and share my thoughts on it. (Yes, I made my DH do it!) All opinions are my own, but I'm not a doctor, only someone who has done her fair share of TTCing!


slb3334 said...

It was a busy week but great weather.


Anonymous said...

We TTC for 6 months and finally got the positive with our daughter. We hope to in a year or two TCC again. This would be fun for my husband to take. I like this "different" type of giveaway.

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email subscriber

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I"m an email subscriber.

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so so
Thanks so much!
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Holly Morgan Tacker said...

I follow your blog and would love to be eligible for this drawing. Thank you for all the interesting information you write about.


mverno said...

my week has gone great no problems and the weather has been record breaking warm here in maine

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Cweller75 said...

My week has been ok, busy and sometimes hectic, but better than other weeks.


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Christina said...

Well it's Saturday right now...lol oh oops Sunday it's past 12..but anyways I didn't do much just enjoyed the rain :)

Jenna Wood said...

I'm having a good week, thanks for the shot!


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Its been a tiring week, cant wait for the weekend!


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Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

I am having a good week! Thank you for asking!

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Erica C. said...

I've been battling a cold these past 3 days so the week isn't the best, but it could definitely be worse!

Chris said...

Not a MegaMillions winner so it could have gone better! Dealing with allergies and a teething baby,glad its the weekend!

Sylvia said...

We've been TTC for a few years, but more so in the past few months. It is frustrating to not have success after trying so long. Thanks for the giveaway!

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gnwg said...

We are just married and are trying to conceive, having a great week so far!
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gnwg said...

I subscribe by email
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gnwg said...

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Andrea Henry said...

crazy hectic week...been trying for 6 months..

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Gianna said...

Very busy.. lots of housework and no free time. Unless you count nursing a baby while entering sweeps ;)

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