13 April 2012

Friday's Featured Etsy: Midnight Breeze Designs

Welcome to my Friday's Featured post, in which I showcase Etsy stores and small businesses from folks like you and me. Recession, smession! ;)

Our stop on our this week's journey through Etsy land is a store called Midnight Breeze Designs.

Midnight Breeze Designs, from central Texas, specializes in the sumptuous fashions of the Renaissance and Victorian eras. Whether it be a design you're itchin' to have them create for a special occasion or one of their designs, they have some beautiful outfits available. They work with Renaissance faire cast & patrons, Madrigal & Theatre groups, LARPers and SCAers - all sorts of Romantic types! These dresses are the real deal, not costume dresses that will fall apart after one wear. Outfits are made to measure, so please allow around 6 to 8 weeks to receive your outfit - never wait until the last minutes ladies, especially this time of year when everyone is getting ready for the Faires! :)

One of my favorites in the store is this wonderful Ladies Renaissance Costume Dress Court Gown, Made to Order:

For the gents, there is this Mens Renaissance Costume Doublet/Custom Made:

And if you're looking for a style a little lighter (I admit myself, it does get hot in all that fabric!), check out there Ladies Custom Medieval Renaissance Fantasy Gown Dress, which is available in your choice of colors:

Stop by Midnight Breeze Designs today and have a look around! Support handmade!


Noelle the dreamer said...

Absolutely stunning outfits! Whilst I admit it might not been feasible to wear these for today's fast paced life, I still admit to being a romantic at heart and yes, just once, I WOULD LOVE TO WEAR SUCH A DRESS!
Handmade is the best! Thank you for sharing! Great post!

Rose said...

Fun pick for today! That blue gown is gorgeous. Thanks for linking up with me. :)