27 April 2012

Friday's Featured Etsy: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Welcome to my Friday's Featured post, in which I showcase Etsy stores and small businesses from folks like you and me. Recession, smession! ;)

Today's stops are a round up of gift ideas for Mother's Day.

BerkeyDesigns has this lovely A Mother's Love is the Fuel the Enables a Daughter to do the Impossible Custom Cuff Bracelet:

zbet has this pretty Mother's Treasures ...........Custom Hand Stamped Mother's Necklace:

If you're on the hunt for something even more personalized, check out Funkychunkies Personalized Photo Bracelet Gifts for Mom and Grandmothers on Mother's Day and Birthdays:

My fellow rescue Moms, look at this pretty Copper RESCUE MOM Keychain - 20% to Animal Rescue from jmtglass:

And one of my personal favorites, the Funny Mother's Day Card from spiffylittlethings:

...because, yes, yes we are! ;)

Stop by Etsy today and have a look around! Support handmade!

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Rose said...

Great idea for a feature! I love the necklaces, and the card is priceless.

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