07 April 2012

Review: Better Than! Gnawin' Forever

Corgis are notorious for getting bored easily, and my two are no exception. If it was them, we'd spend each day hiking in the woods, in search of squirrels to chase and things to pee on. ;) I'd love to do it too, but with all the rain we get here in Washington 11 months out of the year (LOL), we have a lot of days where we are stuck at home... and they mope. I look for toys that entertain them to keep them happy - and to stop the Grumpy Princess from chewing on things she found laying around. (I've lost a lot of pens to her "finding" them! lol)

Gnawin' Forever is the Ultimate Interactive Chew Treat made for dogs 25 pounds and up by Better Than!. Dogs have to chew with their front teeth instead of their stronger back teeth, so the toy treat lasts longer than the average chew bone. Like many interactive toys, you purchase the "holder" and refills. They are not intended to replace a dog's daily meal, rather just as a treat you give once or twice a week (depending on your dog's weight - obviously, if you have a Mastiff, your dog will be able to eat more than my 30 pound Corgis!)

Gnawin' Forever sent me on over one of the chew toy holders, along with two refills to review.

Now Captain is missing 90% of his teeth, so this one was all the Grumpy Princess's. The first thing I noticed is that while she is in the size range for the toy, it seemed rather awkward for her at first - because she's used to bones she can stick in the back of her mouth! The holder was being flipped around and rolling thanks to her stubby legs, lol. (I even caught Mystery, one of the cats, licking it when she had walked away from it for a drink. LOL!!!!) Good thing she's completely stubborn, because I know Captain would have given up. Each insert can give up to two hours chew time depending on how quickly your dog can get through it, and I'd say that's pretty on par from what I can see so far. Probably the bigger the dog (and the stronger the front teeth and jaw), the faster they will get through the treat. I can definitely say that Gnawin' Forever lasted way longer than any of the chew bones I've bought for her. (Some have barely made it five minutes!!!) No picture right now because my camera had battery issues - sorry :( I'd say she gave it two paws up though!

The Gnawin' Forever treat section is bacon flavored, although the first ingredient is rice flour. I'm not too keen that one of the ingredients is Propylene Glycol, an ingredient we avoid in our family. (It's found in things such as antifreeze and beauty products). The treat holder and refills are made in the USA, so that's nice to see, especially for those of us avoiding pet food products made in China.

For those with super destructive dogs, be aware that the Gnawin' Forever is not indestructible, although it's pretty durable. As of right now, Gnawin' Forever is only available via PetFoodDirect.com, with a suggested retail price of $26.98 for the holder and one treat. For a limited time, it comes with a free package of two refills! I know that this price can seem high to some, but it depends on what you spend on your pets. (For me who doesn't get out of stores like Petco/Petsmart with less than $100 a trip... lol) Want to see a fun promo video from the folks at Better Than!:

Direct Link For The Feedreaders

To use the refills, simple twist off either end and side the new chew onto the it, replace the end and twist it back on. It's pretty easy. (Remember, one a week unless your dog is more than 60 to 80 pounds!)

I received the products shown above in order to try it out in my own home. All opinions are my own - and my dog's. ;)


Tammy said...

This looks like a great product. We have a Mastiff/Dane and I think he would really love this.

Karen said...

I'm going to have to get a couple of these. My dogs destroy any toy we get for them.