12 April 2012

Review: Shame On Jane

Are you looking for a fun gift for Mother's Day? Want something that's a little different but won't break the bank? You have to check out Shame On Jane!

Shame on Jane is an edgy jewelry company that was started by lawyer Kim Pauley to “acknowledge different events" in her friends' lives, like hip, fun necklaces, rings and personalized pieces perfect for hot mamas, divorcees, brides-to-be and just plain sassy gals in general. With prices starting at just $8.00 for Spirit Charms or pick up a single sterling silver RemindeRing for $42. One of my favorites? The "Get A Caffeine Fix" RemindeRing!

Shame On Jane sent me on over the Moms RemindeRing Set in mixed metal. Each ring is a metal 2.5mm wide band plated in either silver or gold, engraved with five reminders in black enamel. They say: "Rock Your New Body", "Apply To Preschool", "Get A Babysitter", "Quit The Baby Talk", and the very appropriate "Feed... Sleep... Repeat". The set arrives in a little gift box:

And you can see it's safe inside for sending or storing when you're not wearing them:

I put on the "Get A Babysitter" today, because it's actually on my to-do list for the upcoming concert we are going to! (Note to self: don't forget!) It's a lot more fun to wear it than to write with a pen on my hand like I've been known to do! (I've tried post it notes, but they never seem to stay where I put them very long thanks to little thieves...) I thought the little gift box the set arrives in was definitely a fun touch!

If rings aren't your thing, they have some neat personalized necklaces that have been spotted on celebrities!

Do you have a great saying you think would be perfect on a RemindeRing? Shame On Jane is hosting a Mother's Day giveaway! They are looking for the next great message to add on one of the RemindeRing now through May 11th. The person who comes up with the winning message will snag a $200 shopping spree on ShameonJane.com and the ring with their winning message. Second and third place winners will receive a $50 gift certificate for a little retail therapy. (And who couldn't use a little retail therapy these days?) For more information, and to enter, click the banner below!

Enter the ShameOnJane Mother's Day Contest and Win a $200 Shopping Spree!

Psst... guess who's one of the judges? Yours truly! Better make it good if you're going to enter! ;)

Don't forget to check out Shame on Jane over on Facebook, and follow over on Twitter, for news and sales!

I received a sample of the product mentioned above in order to try it out and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own.

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Noelle the dreamer said...

What a lovely idea! I could not resist and had to participate!
Thanks for the opportunity and Blessings to you and yours,