19 September 2012

Book Review: Mortal Fire By C. F. Dunn

I recently received a copy of the new book Mortal Fire by C.F. Dunn to review.

Emma D'Eresby is a 29 year old history professor at Cambridge college in the UK. She decides to leave her job to come to the US, and become a professor At Howard's Lake College in Maine - mostly because she is curious about a 17th-century journal kept in the college's library that her dying grandmother had told her about and left her pages of. There she meets Matthew Lynes, a 33 year old surgeon and widower. Emma believes there might be clues to his family's English past hidden in this old journal, and so she borrows the book from the college library. But there are secrets hidden in this journal - secrets that should stay hidden. And then her life is in peril...

This is book one of The Secret of the Journal series by this English author. The good news is that it's the first one... the bad news that we have to wait for book two to continue on what's going in book one! lol As you can probably guess, this book does have a paranormal romance theme throughout it, but it's also entwined with a bit of Christian undertones. Now it's a longer read, and because the author is English, she does write a little different (better, I say!), but don't let any of that scare you off from adding this book to your to-read list. Once you start digging into the book, you won't want to put it down! (OK, maybe I am a little biased because the character is a history professor, and I love elements from the past, but really - if you're into the kind of fiction I just described, I think you'll enjoy this one as much as me.)

By the way, the second book in the series will be called Death Be Not Proud, and there's a sneak peek at it with the first chapter at the end of this book. You can visit the author's website here, where you can read the first chapter of Mortal Fire.

Mortal Fire by C.F. Dunn is a paperback fiction book published by Monarch Books. It is 384 pages long. The suggested cover price is $14.99, but Amazon has it available for $11.33 as of this posting. It is also available as an e-book for the Kindle and other e-readers.

I received a copy of this book in order to read it and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own, and not that of the author(s) or publisher.

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Stacie said...

Sounds interesting. Going to put it on my list to read :)