23 October 2012

Random Thoughts Tuesday - Bring On The Clearance!

Yesterday I kept waiting for it to start snowing. It was cold, the sky just looked like it was going to. Thank goodness it didn't! But boy, the overcast sky is depressing. Sun, I miss you!

I about froze my fingers off trying to hang laundry outside this morning. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. lol I refuse to turn on the dryer.

With Thanksgiving about a month away, I really hope someone has a good deal on baking supplies. I am running super low on flour!

I am counting down the days until 75-90% off Halloween clearance first, though. ;) Lots of fun Halloween activities going on around the area, too! We've already visited the pumpkin patch twice. ;)

I'm not sure what's going on at the neighbor's, but I really am starting to feel like Mrs. Kravitz, having to text DH nearly daily because there is either A) an ambulance there B) the cops C) crazy lady screaming outside D) assorted other randomness. The neighborhood is getting worse. :( I think the sex offender down the road must have moved, because when I checked the list, he was no longer showing up. You would think they could notify us when they move out, not just when the move in, but I guess that just makes too much sense?

Bahahahaa, it's always amusing when someone does this, but don't they know the tale of the boy who cried wolf too many times? 'Zombies ahead' message appears on NY road sign

Sooo... this week's Walking Dead... what did you think? I don't want to toss out any spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, so be careful if you start ranting or gushing. lol Congrats to DISH Network subscribers for getting the channel back this week though.

The Top 10 Zombie Movies You've Never Seen I was so-so on The Horde myself. I think Fido should have been higher on the list than just a honorable mention. And Ahhh, Zombies! should have made the list because that movie is just hysterically funny. It seems most of these are foreign movies on the list though... which granted, they are usually the more realistic ones. I'm sorry, but if there really is a zombie apocalypse and you're not stripping bodies of weapons and ammo, you're not going to last very long. Just saying. ;)

DH hates watching movies with me sometimes because I can't help but complain about all of the stuff that's being done wrong. I know it's not like they are survival guides, but still. The one that annoys him the most? The Terminator series. I want to know, how John Connor thought to send Kyle Reese back as his father if technically he wasn't his father at the time. It makes NO FREAKING SENSE TO ME!!!

Hey, hey, hey, a zombie survival article that actually talks about weapons. lol There's some great classes listed at the bottom, if you're in this area Zombie survival guide

Remember when schools still taught this?


Stacy Uncorked said...

The other day it was chilly and had that kind of 'winter snow' look to it, but it didn't do anything, and a couple days later we're back with the warm humidity. Notice I didn't say 'hot', so at least there's that. ;)

I'm betting there will be some killer sales on baking supplies in the upcoming weeks - seems they do that a lot this time of year. :)

I'd get Halloween stuff when it goes on clearance, but they seem to move them all over the place before then - and I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short with them switching seasonal and holiday stuff so early and fast. Hope you score some good deals!

Sounds like your neighbors are much crazier than ours!

Halloween Costume Plans, Warrior Cats vs. Angry Birds Birthday and more: RTT Rebel

Terra H. said...

We've had kooky weather around here lately. One day is freezing and the next day the sun is out. I haven't gotten around to watching The Walking Dead yet but have heard good things about it. Someday, just someday, I'll get around to watching it from the beginning. I can't wait for Halloween stuff to be on sale either. Hopefully this year I can catch some good deals.