23 October 2012

Save Money Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse...

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse takes time and money, so why not save a little cash-oola doing so? Here are some great deals, sales, and promo codes that have landed in my email box lately - and don’t forget that you can receive a tax deduction when filing with tax software if you prove that you have prepared for disasters (keep those receipts!):

Augason Farms has a sale going on, now through October 25th, with up to 37% off. There is free shipping on orders over $50. Depending on how much you purchase, they are also giving away free gifts with each purchase, ranging from pouches of shelf stable foods to a 12 day emergency supply of food! Plus, you can enter to win a year's supply of their food. Check out the site for more details on all of the promos. I've purchased many of their products and have been pleased so far with what I have tried.

Shelf Reliance THRIVE has several of their smaller packets on sale from $2.19 - $4.89. (Check the clearance section) I've done reviews on some of their products in the past and continue to use their items. The great part about these little packets is not only do they let you try out a product before deciding to buy in bulk, it also takes up very little room as well as being lightweight - you take them along camping, put them in emergency kits, or just not worry that your food shelves are being overwhelmed by giant containers of product.

ShopBlade.com has free U.S. Standard Shipping plus a free Digital Issue of BLADE magazine with purchase of qualifying Survival & Preparedness items through October 25th. Use promo code PREP1012 at checkout. My pick for a great stocking stuff for teenage boys and geeky husbands? Check out the Fat Boy Black Paracord Survival Bracelet. Paracord has a million and one great uses - my DH wears his bracelet out all the time.

The BUDK Catalog has a Zombie Apocalypse Sale going on where you can save up to 70% off assorted knives and other tacticool weapons. DH always gets a kick out of their items and has a mile long wish list, but remember most of this is A) not child friendly and B) don't rely on it to save you if the zombies do come after you. Close combat = you lose! ;) That being said, they have a BudK Self Defense Impact Baton that is great for keeping at home for self defense in case of intruders. Just make sure you get used to using it if you buy it (make a pinata or use a watermelon, if you have to) so you are familiar with swinging it at someone's knees or guts, just in case.

ShopDeerHunting.com has free zombie targets with a $25 purchase, no promo code needed. They also have free shipping on all orders over $49. There's no end date on this one, so if you are interested, I'd hurry before they run out.

If you're interested in sharing an order with friends or family, The Ready Store has some group specials going on. Click each individual sale item to see quantity needed for a discount. The emergency blankets are a great price at just $1.54 if you purchase 24. That seems like a lot, but I recommend two for each emergency bag or person - one to lie on, one to put on top of you. They are also great at reflecting heat back during a power outage - cover the windows quickly. These feel like giant aluminum foil, but do rip easily, so be careful.

Camping Survival has a free Coghlans Water Filter with all orders over $75 or more using promo code octobercoghlans at checkout. If you you order $125 or more they will throw in the free Coghlans Water Filter AND a free Coghlans Wireless Weather Station; if you order $200 or more they will throw in the free Coghlans Water Filter, the free Coghlans Wireless Weather Station AND a random $20 item. Not a bad deal if you're already planning to pick up a few things. They have paracord bracelets over here, too! (And Yoder's canned bacon!)

Emergency Essentials has some great things on sale this month, from the High Uinta Gear Pathfinder 9-LED Flashlight on sale for $3.99 to the Tote-able Toilet Seat & Lid on sale for $7.99 - which I'll be posting a review on later this week.

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