07 November 2012

Book Review: The Hunted Hare By Fay Sampson

I recently received a copy of the book The Hunted Hare by Fay Sampson to review.

Pennant is a small town in North Wales, with just a few cottages, a church, a medieval shrine - oh, and a newly constructed hotel called the House of the Hare. Thaddeus Brown is the imposing director who came up with the idea of building it, and there is even an impressive archery range. So close to a place of miracles, many who are ill choose to stay here. Aidan and Jenny Davison bring their 7 year old daughter - also named Melangell after the saint - to this hotel in hopes that the sacred location helps heal Jenny's advanced cancer while giving her some enjoyment at the archery range. But this place that should be full of happiness turns dark as Mr. Brown is found murdered by an arrow, and then Melangell goes missing! Will Melangell be found and the murderer captured?

This book is the first volume in the Aidan mysteries, based upon one of the main characters in this book. The setting is very real - Pennant Melangell does exist, although the House of the Hare does not. There is plenty of medieval discussion throughout this book to make my history loving heart happy, with a dose of "thin" lines in the Celtic world (what some may call "rifts") and enough of a "who dun it?" tone to keep the pages turning quickly. (Now keep in mind that this is a British author, so some of the phrases may be a little... off to American readers) I enjoyed this story a lot, and I especially liked the main characters of this little family. I felt sad for Jenny, knowing that she was dying, and sadness for Aidan that he could lose the love of his life at any moment. They weren't perfect like some characters in books - just like you and me, they had their weaknesses. And the daughter Melangell is a little spitfire! ;)

You can visit the author's website here. The author has a slew of books, so if this one intrigues you, you might want to also check out some of her other writings as well!

The Hunted Hare by Fay Sampson is a paperback mystery fiction book published by Monarch Books. It is 296 pages long. The suggested cover price is $14.99, but Amazon has it available for $11.18 as of this posting. It is also available as an e-book for the Kindle and other e-readers.

I received a copy of this book in order to read it and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own, and not that of the author(s) or publisher.

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Cindy Eddy said...

Where would I go to sign up to do product reviews like this? I notice that you have reviewed all sorts of things and I'm just curious how I would go about getting started doing the same thing. Thanks in advance!! :-)