30 November 2012

Friday's Featured Etsy: Honest Amish

Welcome to my Friday's Featured post, in which I showcase Etsy stores and small businesses from folks like you and me. Recession, smession! ;)

Today's stop in Etsy land is a store called Honest Amish. Here you'll find premium organic licorice, salves, soaps, and sundries. All are made by hand the same way today as they were centuries ago here in the U.S.A., and are all natural with no artificial ingredients. Instead they use ingredients like locally harvested beeswax. Their products are guy-friendly, and make perfect stocking stuffers!

Check out this Cinnamon Spice Scrub Soap Bar- all natural and organic premium oils:

This Medicinal Lip Balm - Natural, Organic, and Herbal lip balm would come in handy during the dry winter months:

Or how about this Skin Care Gift Basket - 100% Natural with organic oils and butters - Eye and Wrinkle, Hand and Body, and Lip Balm?

Stop by Honest Amish today and have a look around! Support handmade!

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