04 November 2012

It's Dusty Around Here!

Well, I can honestly say that I don't quite think that the last week is how DH planned to spend his vacation time. ;)

It started off with the leak at the fireplace going from a drip drip drip to a downpour. This pretty much meant that our main source of heat was unusable. Every thing we tried didn't work since it was raining On the bright side, all this happened when it wasn't 10 degrees below zero. On the other hand? Our home was very damp inside. Even our clothes when we went to put them on felt damp. The mold and mildew had field day.

Then the septic system, which we knew was already starting to have issues, started making that oh so scary hissing sound followed by that nasty smell. On the bright side with that, the company we called was here within the hour. (Not so bright side? My bank account hates me.)

With all that, we realized we had a leak. A slow, nasty leak that we thought was coming from the septic only to realize after the septic company left that we had NO clue where it was coming from. Cue my panic as DH had to go under the house to turn the water off. He went all around the tub, ripped out part of the wall there trying to find the leak, no dice. Meanwhile, the smell in the house and the dampness is only getting worse, since we had no fireplace to dry out the dampness. I love my DH dearly, but his strength is really not home improvement. So we had to wait for my brother to come up from California to help.

Yep, it was a looooong wait until Friday with no running water and no fireplace. To make it a little more entertaining around here, we sort of instituted zombie apocalypse rules. No running water meant it was hard to wash dishes, and without the fireplace - hard to dispose of paper plates and the like. (Sure, we could throw it away - but in a zombie apocalypse, there's no trash pick up or trips to the dump! LOL) While I was good on drinking water stored for us, the amount of water for cleaning and flushing was really just enough for the kiddo and I - not DH too. So we started catching rain water in buckets to flush with, which is really easy to do when you look out your window and there seems to be a monsoon going on. I turned the water into a learning lesson for my daughter, explaining about how running water in the home is a recent thing in the world and how many parts of the world still have to carry water home.

Yep, I'm doubling the amount of stored water after this lesson for me! Having to ration flushing water is not my idea of a good time! LOL

So back to the leak, we realized the damage was worse come Thursday when we spotted a giant bump in the floor in the kiddo's room. It wasn't just the bathroom - it was the laundry and into her closet area. The carpet had mold! So we took everything out and since we have a rather small house, everything from the bedrooms ended up stacked into totes... in the middle of my living room! :( It has been a total MESS here, and I am still digging out. I stopped counting at 15 loads of laundry (I'm still at it, non stop almost 2 days now), I didn't get to take a real shower for *7* days and that makes me one super cranky woman! We'll need to re-do the wall in the kiddo's bedroom and the closet area, and the flooring in the bathroom still needs re-done completely. I'd ignore those, but we're not exactly talking cosmetic here. On the bright side, my brother managed to fix the leak properly, so we've run the fireplace to near toasty-ness to try to dry up the dampness in here. Luckily I hadn't gotten rid of the dryer yet, since I've had to do so much laundry and can't wait for it to airdry. (I made the mistake of using fabric softener on the sheets since they were going into the dryer and itched all night - even though it was a green brand, I've gotten so used to just vinegar!) So bear with me a few more days while I finish clearing up the mess around here and try to get back to a normal schedule. I know I have some winners to pull, emails to reply to, and of course, posts to share! I hope all of you on the east coast are safe from the nasty weather and prepared for round two I hear might be coming your way! Hang in there!

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Noelle the dreamer said...

I agree: No matter how much we think we are prepared, we are NOT!
It sounds as if you have your hands full!
Sending prayers and good thoughts your way,