20 November 2012

Random Thoughts Tuesday - Anyone Need Some Of Our Rain?

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here already! I'm a little worried my turkey might not be completely defrosted on time. I may have to give it the cold water spa bath treatment. ;)

It has been raining so much here that yesterday parts of town was under water. Check this photo out from our local paper, the Kitsap Sun:

They ended up closing down the street for awhile right after that. Of course, it has to happen when all our library books are due. lol

I'm ready to delve into a big plate of stuffing right now.

There's a house down the road that I am sure NASA can see from space. It's been lit up already for a couple of weeks. I love looking at it every year, but I cringe at the thought of the electric bill. Plus I know my DH - if he put up all those lights, he'd leave them up all year long. (Just like his father! LOL!)

It's been rather quiet at the neighbor's as of late. I'm guessing I have the rain to thank for that. ;)

And thanks to that rain, I've been stuck using the dryer again. I hate that thing, but I try drying everything inside, and even with the fireplace going, they still aren't dry in 24 hours. My house is just so damp no matter I do it seems, that damp laundry just doesn't help at all.

I saw some great photos of organized pantry porn and now I am green with jealousy! I love uniform jars with pretty labels, what can I say? ;)

Zombie Children’s Book Teaches the Little Undead I was ready to buy it, but it's $25 for the hardcover book - and I'm still in recovery from our trip to Half Price Books over the weekend. You know how I have sworn to never say no to buying books when she asks for them? Well, I took the kiddo to the kids book section and told her she could pick out a book or two. I went looking at the end cap, and like 3 minutes later, she was back with an armfull. Ack! I did not expect that. $100 later... I'm going to need to be very specific from now on! ;)

Apparently, American media did not get my memo to them on my ban of the use of the word "zombie" with any political or financial article they are writing. Therefore my zombie feeds are full of crap that do not belong. How am I supposed to be sure to board the windows for the zombie apocalypse on time when they insist on throwing out false flags and worthless information? ;)

I am getting a kick out of the Twinkie insanity right now. I think America jumped the gun on this one - you're supposed to wait until they actually go bankrupt to go crazy buying them. Right now? They just sold every last piece of inventory and are laughing their way to the bank. Watch, there will be an about face in the next week because their profits just went through the roof! lol

So we sat down and watched an entire episode of Doomsday Preppers. We'd only seen clips until this point... and I have to tell you, I laughed and laughed. It was the first episode of this season, the one with the underground "bunker". Good grief, the first guy can barely walk (although at the end of the episode he did say he was going to work on his health) and his "bug out" land is 1800 miles away. So if he can't drive there, how's he going to make it? Not to mention the fact that the inside of the bunker looks like an episode of Hoarders - all those suitcases?! Then they allow the teenage boy on the show to trespass and vandalize an empty building. Not to mention - armchair ninja much with those knives? The only ones that had their act together was the last family, which I'll admit I had a little bit of pantry envy. (Although I wanted to whack the teenage boy for trying to hit the chickens with the broom to get them into the coop) You should have heard DH during the episode, he thinks they have hit the bottom of the barrel. LOL

I can't stop yawning today. I might have to fire up the coffee pot here in a moment.

Now this is my idea of preparedness in an emergency:


Julie Maloney said...

We have a house next door that goes crazy every year with the lights. Not only that but they PLAY MUSIC OUTDOORS ALL NIGHT LONG. We can hear it from our bedrooms. They're what I like to call over-doers.

VandyJ said...

Given a chance, my father-in-law would totally over do the decorations. Drives him nuts that we don't really decorate outside the house.

Terra H. said...

Wowzers, that's a lot of rain! I was amazed that people were paying an arm and a leg for a box of Twinkies on Ebay. I was going to sell them (cause hey, I may as well cash in on the craze) but everywhere in town is out of Hostess snack cakes.