08 November 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Charity And Gifting Time

This week for my Thrifty Thursday post, I'm offering up a suggestion for gifts. It's been a rough year financially for many folks, and if you are looking for gift ideas, or items to donate for charities and church help boxes, consider purchasing items that many families will try to cut corners on the most: household cleaning supplies or health and beauty. Luckily for many couponers, this is the category where we can get plenty of good deals and score nearly free items!

For the young family, consider a laundry basket with some laundry detergent, and stain remover samples. Or create a kitchen cleaning basket filled with cleaning wipes, a new microfiber towel, and cleaners. For an older couple, think about a health basket, with items like ibuprofen or aspirin, liquid soap, or cold medicine. For college students, think toothbrushes, deodorant, and shampoo. Or for the struggling single mom, a basket filled with a bit of chocolate and coffee can help her with items she might not normally get to indulge in.

If you don't coupon, items from the dollar store are just as good and nearly as cheap to purchase as name brand items with coupons.

And don't forget with the Thanksgiving sales starting up, to pick up an extra box or can to donate to your local food bank. Even if it's just an 88 cent box of stuffing, or a 49 cent can of green beans, it can help the food bank stretch just a little bit further. Giving trees are also on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled for deals on gloves, hats, and scarves, as well as small toys.


BethElderton said...

These a really great ideas! Now that my kids are older, I know a good many young couples and families just starting out. These seem like small things but really make a good difference in a young couple's budget. If you know someone who travels a quart sized baggie with the free sample and travel sized items makes a nice, airport-ready gift:)

Isolated Existence. said...

I agree, great ideas! :-)