04 December 2012

Random Thoughts Tuesday - Still Stalking UPS

Really? It's Tuesday again? Wasn't it just Friday? Sometimes I think the blog helps the week zip by so quickly.

What I'd like it to just close my eyes and see December over. Hello, January! I'm sick of the commercialism of the holidays, and just tired of having it crammed down my throat. :( I know I cannot be the only one?

It's still raining. I'd love to see it move along to those of you who actually need rain! I need a dry couple of days so I can get the yard raked up before the grass underneath dies yet again. I think my garlic has drowned, too. lol

Seriously, I have 5 million and one chores I need to get done, and the dampness isn't helping me with about half of those chores. We still have rooms we need to paint, the bathroom floor needs redone, and I'd really like to get these extra totes shoved back where they were. It's a little hard to do most of those things when you can just touch something and your finger comes back wet. I've gone through a huge chunk of wood just trying to keep it semi dry here! Can a girl catch a break? lol

I'm still waiting on my Wonder Washer to arrive. I'm getting very impatient! I want to play! (Plus, the electric bill arrived and I had a heart attack at the total thanks in part to having to wash & dry all those clothes from the leak. Oy!)

Am I the only one who likes live trees to be potted for Christmas? Doesn't it seem like a waste to anyone who doesn't have goats to have a tree that dies one month later?

My Keen hiking boots have already bit the dust. Booo. The quality in everything is not what it used to be, that's for sure. I remember having a pair of no name hiking boots that lasted like 5-6 years - and they got in a TON of miles because I wore them during my walkabout years.

I need to bake. I've been craving chocolate chip cookies for days. I can smell them baking sometimes. I guess that's a hint from my brain that I need them! lol (Or maybe it's just in part from that Hershey's giveaway I was running?)

We're waiting to find out if ZomBCon 2013 will be held - the announcement should be shared in a few days. I'm not holding my breath, because it seems folks want to wait until the last minute to purchase tickets. I totally understand - buying tickets a year in advance is hard for some people to do - but I need to plan our move! lol Actually, I think I could have the entire house packed up within a week. We've downsized quite a bit (not by choice) with the leak where we had to get rid of things. Plus we just decided to get rid of things we're not using - I've donated them to a small thrift store so I hope they made someone else very happy to get them!

...not that I can tell the difference when I look around here. lol It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates!

Yes, who's idea was it to give us a half season break? That's cruelty, I tell ya! lol Walking Dead: Assault is ready for the zombie apocalypse That new games almost makes me wish I had an iPhone or iPad. (Nah. We all know it wouldn't last a month before it would be destroyed!)

Eric Millikin: Zombies are among reasons for increased Christmas gun sales Really? LOL Well, I just hope the newbies take care of those guns and learn to use them the right way. A jammed up gun does you no good - and it can kill you, not the zombie!

Discovery's 'Zombie Apocalypse' finds Americans bracing for walking dead outbreak -- EXCLUSIVE By the way, I am not the mother teaching her children that they mentioned. Though, my kiddo will tell you with a big huge grin to "BRING 'EM ON!" I don't quite think she gets the full concept, but hey, it's funny. Zombie Apocalypse will air on Tuesday, Dec. 18 on Discovery Channel if you're interested.

Argh. Petsmart would announce their Friends and Family sale thingamajiggy just after I did a big stock up trip. Such is my luck!

Speaking of pets, the Grumpy Princess would like to know why they don't make bigger dog beds in pink? It seems to be only dogs under 20 pounds can sleep in pink. What's up with that? All we can find is browns, greens, black, etc. No pink. No purple, either. They are just never girly! Can't pitties, rotties, and great danes be girly?

LOL This looks like a scene at my house some mornings:

OK, chores are calling! Laundry is backed up again, and I need to get started on a batch of doggie food!

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